Friday, September 29, 2006

Talk To Jim Cantore

That's right folks!!

You can get to talk to Jim Cantore on the Weather Channel.

Took the day off yesterday and did a few things with the boss. After shopping and lunch, came home and rested because it was a long day on the Boss' feet.

I did score a new set of stainless steel pots and stuffs for a pretty cheap price. I wanted to get the anodized stuffs but it was too costly at this point in time and the stainless stuffs was very cheap and what the hell, use a lot of butter when you cook.

AND you can scrub the bottoms of the pots if they get burned!! DUH? whatever!!

So anyway, the boss went upstairs to lie down because I grabbed the sofa as soon as we got home. After a hour or two of watching TV with closed eyes, I went upstairs and told the Boss I talked to Jim Cantore.


I then told her that it was reported that we are in the middle of hurricane season and nothing really is cooking up and Jim Cantore was on the Weather Channel and I talked to him.


I think the boss is gonna leave me because I'm a JERK!!!

I still think it's funny that you can talk to ANYBODY but it doesn't mean they will hear you!!!

So when somebody says they talked to someone "special", yea right!!!


Friday, September 22, 2006

New Toy

Yowser Yowser Yowser!!!

The ol' Porq picked up a Dell Laptop...

Not the most advanced, not even new, but I still type with one finger so no big deal.

I scomped up two batteries for the bad boy and it has a removable CD drive that's interchangable with a 3.5 floppy drive.

A carrying case, two AC/DC charger units and a couple of memory chips that I don't know how to install or if they fit at all!!

A new version of XP on the hard drive and Office 2000 to boot!!

All this goodness for the super low price of a SMILE!!

Yes Boys and Girls.. the government is good to me!!

So with all this super savings in the pocket, I actually BOUGHT a netgear WIFI card for this little sucker.


As a matter of fact, the boss is in the den doing her thing on the net and I'm sitting in the living room typing this blog.

Now I gotsta get somebody to network me into the upstairs PC and the basement PC that Troy set up for me with the NETGEAR stuffs he installed at PORQUEVANIA, Land of the OINK!!

Oh boy oh boy!!

Maybe you can tell I'm a little excited about my new toy.


Oh yeah, CHEESY TOTS are being advertised in Union County, NJ!!


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rainy Day

Nothing like getting some rain on your glasses to start the day off!!!

Okay, so now I'm a little pissed about the weather and the inconvenience of "DRYING" my windows... "AIN'T LIFE GRAND?"

I mean, come on.. think about it..

Just because a little water is falling from the sky, you should think of the bright things that can happen.

1) Hot chicks with wet T-shirts
2) Hot chicks with wet T-shirts
3) Good day for playing pool ( moisture in the air will give you better action on the cue ball..)
4) Beer
5) You ain't laying dead in the gutter
6) Beer

Oh I could go on and on but you can see where I'm going... heh-heh-heh

Another good reason to be happy is .. wait. listen up..

I'm going to call for a DOCTOR'S appointment.

Feit & Blondo = Eye exams for me and the Boss.

Both of us are tired of bumping into things so we collectively decided to get our eyes checked.


Ya gotsta have good eyes to look at the pictures of the lilly kids and speaking of lilly kids..

a new post was made with pictures of the youngest getting older and the pictures are good!

They look like the work of the ARTFUL BLOGGER they're so good.

Things to do...

1) Call Feit & Blondo
2) Get Laura set up to take pro pictures. (She's that good!!)
3) Buy a bar ( piss of the Boss )
4) Clean the basement

Sounds like a plan!!


Friday, September 01, 2006

A New Day Dawning

Okay Boys and Girls..

The Boss is NOT going to work.

She said back in June, " NO MORE!!"

God bless her!

Her former workmates are busy doing their stuffs to get their classrooms ready and the Boss is sitting home enjoying her new freedom!!

Now I have to plan vacations other than end of June, July or early August ( have to be around to set up the classroom - IF the keys are released to the teachers to get into school!)

We couldn't plan a vacation from September until June because of the dedication involved, but why talk about the PAST!!

So, with football season rolling along right now, I'm the one who is throwing the wrench into the gears because I have to be around for the weekends to film( video, or something).


like I said, It's a new day a dawning!!!

and maybe the basement will get cleaned out!!


one can only hope!!

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