Thursday, December 14, 2006

Woe Is Me

The boss' computer blew up a couple of weeks ago. Some kind of power ZAP in the neighborhood. BOTTOM LINE = Power supply shot, HARD DRIVE shot.

Valuable data = shot. Hey its only numbers, but the main concern was all, listen.. ALL my digital pictures from multi years = shot.

I really feel bad. HONESTLY, I do!

Gotsta get a new PC with DVD burner instead of just a CD burner.


Oh and some of my PORQ stuffs was on the computer too!!



Thursday, December 07, 2006


Yeah, fa-la-la-la-la etc.

I can tell that the holidays are rapidly approaching and I didn't even start to think of what to buy!


Maybe everybody was bad and they all get BUPKUS!!??

Nay, that won't work.. but I am starting to feel the holiday pressure.

e.g. Today I read a blog and checked out the comments and some dude ( dudette?) made a crack about someone's social intelligence and this dude referred to this questionable person as some jerk eating PEROGIS!!

Now I have been known to throw a few ethnic slurs around and being truly unsensitive about nationalities or blood lines, this SOB didn't even spell PIEROGI correctly!!

Damn, that pisses me off!! If there is one thing that I truly hold near and dear to my heart is the Boss' pierogis!!

I know that they (pierogis)are supposedly an international dish, but once you have had the Boss's stuffs, EVERYTHING ELSE is second place and lower!!

Maybe that jerk should have said "eating MRS. T's so-called pierogis" and I wouldn't have felt any need to RANT like this.

It's got to be the season!!

Picture HOMER SIMPSON thinking of beer, ( dazed look on face, drooling, and making uncomprehensible sounds ) and now think of the Boss' pierogis.. SAME THING!!

Now I'm hungry!

Christmas shopping can wait!


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