Thursday, April 17, 2008

I did NOT Break it!!

If I was Yogi Bear... I would be smarter than the average bear....

BUT I'M NOT!! Yogi Bear that is!!

I took an HP All-in-One out of the box, took all the tape off,
installed all the paper trays, PROPERLY inserted the ink cartridges,
plugged the sucker in, hooked up the phone lines for the fax stuffs,
hooked up the internet cables to the router... AND..

installed the software without a hint of a cuss word.!!!!

Yowser yowser!! I feel so smart I think I'll read a quantum physics book!

( did I spell it right?)

Now the big test will be how the Boss handles the "new" printer and the possibility of getting faxes into the house.

TIME WILL TELL and I'm scared a hell!!!

I think I'll copy something!!

heh-heh-heh-heh (the sounds of a lilly kid)

new toy!!!!


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Where's the SUN??


How come it's cold down here??

The grass is growing, birds are singing, the wind is blowing and the skies are gray!!

Howza guy 'sposed ta get some rays if the SUN ain't around???

Gotta work on my bar tan instead.

( The warm glow from the red neon lights hanging in dark gin mills!!)

And people still smoke in these bars!!

A trip down memory lane!!

I guess all's not that bad!!


Oh yeah, the lilly kids are cool!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


What a day!!

I drags me ol' raggety butt into the kitchen this morning and I finds me a table of wrapped gifts and a card!!

It must be CHRISTMAS!!


I went to work and I get a "SINGING" message from North Carolina, lots of well wishes and see ya soon... 'cause we're heading South for a week!!

1st Born second Son called and said "HAPPY TU-AH!!"

Anita from ITT said I looked pretty good for a being 95!!

Margee ( The Big Guy's old secretary ) called and wished "Johnny" a Happy Birthday.

My buds "FRED" called and said ""HHEEEEYYY!".

Derek called from New York to see if I'm still breathing ( He's listed as a beneficiary on one of my policies!)

My brother called from Rochester to check up on an "ol' fart".

The "CUZ" called and said "STO LAT!"

COOTAH called, even though today is HER birthday!!

I got a call from I thought was Poo-poo head, but it was her husband!

My cousin Tommy came over with some lottery tickets and had a can of ginger ale.

I got a singing trio message from the grandkids -cha-cha-cha!

and last but not least, the RIP called in before he called his cousin COOTAH!!

I had to write this all down today because tomorrow I wouldn't remember!!

Like cleaning the basement!!


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