Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's PC Time!!

The county handed out the W-2's and sent out the 1099's. All I have to do is electronically send IRS the 1099 information and that's it for 2007!!

I'll have time to monitor the Yahoo Fantasy races and get the CHIP Foundation rolling for 2007.

Got that 1st qtr. '07 tax bill to pay and I think one more credit card statement from Christmas to deal with, and after that, DRINK THE BEER COLD!!!

The Boss is going to the dentist which will cost a couple of cases of beer, but after that, we are BOTH going to the Doctors for a check up. ( I gotsta get her knees fixed for the Italian trip!! and maybe keep me alive so I could go too!!)

I want to go south to see the lilly kids but I'm also waiting to hear about the movies of Roselle Park talent show. I tried putting the built-in mike on HI vs. REG and I'm wondering if the sound quality was different?? I can't hear anyway but somebody may have noticed!!??!!

The Boss made a load of golumki's ( makes you want to sing "CABBAGE ROLLS AND COFFEE- - MMMM MMMM GOOD!! - SHMENGI BROS.) and I'm so happy that I'm singing in two voices!!!

Now we gotsta make a pierogi plan to stock up for 2007. I think I'm down to only 3 or 4 dozen each.. shudder the thought of running out!!

Time to go fast and turn left.


Monday, January 08, 2007

Carry Over Vacation

Well Boys and Girls, this may be the last time that I carry over any significant amount of vacation days from one year to another.

The Boss hung up her chalk and pencils so this makes the middle of August to the middle of June OPEN SEASON for VACATION!!!

No more pencils, no more books!!


( Did that rhyme??) DOESN'T MATTER!!!!

Just since September when the official NON WORK started, we had gone to South Dakota for a family wedding and did some sightseeing out there, and we left during the middle of the week!!

The Boss also spent some time with the Lilly kid waiting for the "TREEFROG" and that was almost a month and a half, but it was GOOD!!

We even went down after Christmas and didn't think about the stress of being home on a certain date. ( I wanted to be back for the KofC meeting and then DARTS on Wednesday but I'm not going to mention that!!)

So whenever the Boss feels like a little trip to Roselle Park or Huntersville, the Ol' Porq is ready to pack up and go. ( I found out the club can survive without the Porq pushing numbers all the time!!)

Gonna have to do something about the politicos... hmmmm?? maybe it's time to cut strings??

Oh yeah, I'm gonna have to find somebody to shoot football when I'm on VACATION!!

Oh me oh my!! The troubles of the rich and famous!!!

That was a joke!!


TREEFROG = Daniel Richard because after this guy is fed, just lay him on your chest and the lump falls asleep like a treefrog hanging on!!!

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