Saturday, July 21, 2007

Yowser Yowser

I am definately living in the past.

CBS-FM is back to oldies ( 60's,70's,80's) duh.. but it's not ILIKEJACK stuffs.

I went to upgrade the ol' PC and the most I can kick up the memory is to have 2 256mb cards for a total of 512mb memory. DUH AGAIN!!

So EYES figures while I'm at Best Buy, look how much Olympus memory chips are for the camera when we go to Italy. The good people dressed in blue said, "DUH.. How old is your camera?.. you need a SMARTMEDIA card and we don't carry them anymore. TRY the internet."

Okay, Eyes go into the basement and fire up the pc and lo and behold.. they do NOT make any compatible memory chips for the Boss' Olympus camera and the only one available is a 128mb for like $120 fazoolas.

Gooney Goo Gus.. I think it would be cheaper to buy a laptop computer and take that to Italy and download my pictures everyday to it's hard drive and copy them to a 2gig flash drive for safe keeping.

The 128 memory card only holds 130 pictures and I figure I'll take at least that many shots of the BUTANTE's that I'll see.

OINK (sounding very old and feeble)

Friday, July 06, 2007

PC = Plain Crazy???

Oh Vey!!!

The ol' HP pc was giving the Boss a little run around the past few months...

somekind of blue screen ( like old DOS stuffs ) with all kinds of warnings, etc. etc.

You know, the one's you never read, so I just hit the ALT+CTRL+DELETE and ...
SON OF A GUN.. the screen stayed BLACK!!!


Okay, try it again.... STILL BLACK!!!!
ok, ok ok ok... don't panic. I think I backed up the pictures of the kiddies except for the last trip down south,,,, hmmmmm??? well here goes...


Now, I did this once and had to buy a new power supply and a new Hard Drive so I knew all my data was shot out the window... git it?? WINDOW.... ( Bill Gates Joke!!) so I was very cautious about re-installing XP because they ask if I want my HD formatted???

GOONEY-GOO I don't remember what I told the machine , but about an hour plus later I'm back in business..

The only loss that I know of right now are my FAVORITES ( or the Boss' favorites) have to be re-set.

I would rather sit back and have a beer and let some techno-geek laugh at me but get the job done properly.

Oh well..

Oh Yeah and speaking of re-installing, etc. etc.

I made a doctor's appointment for a check-up.

Ol Stash had a Friar Tuck hairdo when he was 36 with the magic seventeen hairs combed over to hide the glare.

I beat him on that one, BUT .. he had three heart attacks and was dead by the time he was 66.

I gotsta beat him on that one too... by living till at least 68!!! After that is GRAVY!!

I LIKE CHEESE!!! and it's fun saying


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