Wednesday, November 29, 2006

And This Little Pig

went wee-wee-wee all the way home.

Well maybe it was like zoom zoom zoom all the way home, but, we made it.

625 miles, one stop for gas (gas only, no restroom stuffs!!), and we made it home in 8 hrs 45 minutes.

ehh.. that's like averaging over 71 MPH.

Let's see, .. speed limit in Jersey = 65,
Pennsy = 65,
Maryland = 65,
West Virginia = 70,
North Carolina = 70 North of Statesville, 65 the rest of the way South.

Now considering the Boss was in the car and she didn't have one nervous puke on the trip, even though she did smoke almost a half a pack of butts, whatever it takes..

Glad to be back so I could go to work and rest up.

Hey, chasing after the Lilly kid can tire you out.
"C'mon Hoo-hoo, let's play! COME!"
"Sit down, play!"
"Go to the CARK (park)?"

Wow, the Boss had her hands full for the five plus weeks she was there, but she loved every minute of it and her aching bones reminds her of the good time she had with the lilly kid.

Oh yeah, me TOO!!

It's gonna be a great time at the Christening when the entire HANDFUL is together.

Boggles the mind!!


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I Got A Hand Full

Today is Wednesday, Nov. 22 and it's dart night at the club.

I'm in North Carolina so I won't be there tonight,

( That's dart talk when you score five points in one inning

git it?? five fingers = five points git it??)

Well anyway, I got a hand full, NOT DARTS, but GRANDKIDS!!

Hooray for Carrie and Troy. Everybody is healthy and doing fine.

Dara Marie

Delaney Rose

Damian Paul

Rhena Elizabeth and introducing...

Daniel Richard.

Another check to AG Edwards!!!

Thanksgiving 2006 = Thank you God for your blessings!!


Saturday, November 11, 2006

We Salute You Who Are About To Die

Well, at least for all the Vets and active duty dudes out there keeping this country cool!!


I gotsta say thanks to a special veteran today...

THE BOSS = Veteran of the Domestic Wars = 39 years !!


I love you !!

and I hope Troy remembered to pick up the two yellows, a pink and a red for today.


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