Thursday, January 01, 2009



It's just another day. January 1st!! Oh... WAIT!!

JANUARY 1, 2009.... this is the day the the new MLB Network starts!!

I knew that 'cause I just watched Don Larsen pitch his perfect game, (except for the first inning)

Don Larsen and Yogi Berra were on the show to talk about the game and it was broadcast as it was back in 1956 of that 5th game of the World Series. They even showed the TV commercials that were televised that day. Gillette razors and FOAMY.

Baseball being "The American Game" will really have a lot of people watching this new network for at least just the history involved with the game.

Speaking of January 1st, it was January 1, 1972 that we learned that Roberto Clementi went down on a humanitarian flight. This was brought up on the MLB Network.

I'm excited!!

Let's go METS!! I might even root for the Yankees!!


Looking forward to a lot of stuffs that the kids are gonna do this year.

Kids get bigger, Stuffs get bigger.

Gotsta love it!


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