Monday, May 23, 2005

The Day Time Stopped

Monday morning!

A strange new world after the weekend.

My trip to work this morning seemed a little strange,


Is it because Rutgers had graduations?

Is it because something strange is happening?

( a good lead-in now for Rod Serling's face to pop up and start talking!!)


The parking lot attendant was asleep at the gate, the lot was void save three cars....


Got into work and the lights were on. The Big Guy got in first.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are cool because I set the timer on the coffee pot to go off at 6:15 AM.

I makes the brew, flip the switch and head for my desk.

I putz around my desk alittle , check out the e-mail trash that accumulated over the weekend and look at the clock.


The clock is not moving!!!

What diabolical plot is unraveling????

Ahhh SHIT... the battery is dead!!

Never mind... same ol' day in the County!!!

Got to take the dead battery to Public Property and have them fill it up 'cause it's EMPTY.

God, I love my job.!!!!


Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Days are NUMBERED!!!

Tick- tock, tick - tock.

Time is slowly but surely passing.

I'm going on a ROAD TRIP!!!!

Memorial Day Weekend ( LEST WE FORGET!!), we'll be going down to see the lilly kid.

Oh boy!! The lilly kid moved away in February and the pictures we received since then sure shows how the kid is growing and crawling, and sitting up, and eating( YUCK - the smeary prune face!!) and all kinds of cool stuffs lilly kids do!!

What a great time to "TALK" to the boss during our 10 hour captivity( each way !!) about the birthday party coming up in September!!

Oh yeah.. the prices are still going up at Newark and LA GUARDIA!!! ( damn)

SO WHAT !! After I drive to the kid's house and sleep off the trip, you know I'm gonna hit the refrig in the garage for a cold one!!

The big question is ...
A) Do I wear my new black boots when I go out for a ride on the new bike


B) Do I wear my BLK boots when I go out for a ride??

BLK's are my Black Lady Killer boots ( regular cowboy boots with fancy stitchin's )

decisions.. decisions... decisions.

And you people think you have it tough!!!!


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

How MUCH Do I Love Thee?


The lilly kid will be one in September.

Get out the rosary, hammer, kieliszek, and dollar bill!!

This great event will take place on a Saturday.

GOOD NEWS..... I have a football game on Friday...


I can fly down on Saturday morning, rent a car, go to the kid's house, see the lilly kid, have a couple beers, do the HAPPY two-ah stuffs (previously reported in the PORQ BARREL),
and then sleep off the brewskis, go to church, go back to kids house, do some mong' ing, give the kids a kiss good-bye, then hop on a plane and come home.


The big kick in the chops is the plane fare to CLT from EWR went up drastically in the past three weeks.
4/19 $270.90 per person NON-stop round trip

4/25 $346.40 per person NON-stop round trip

5/11 $356.40 per person NON-stop round trip


5/11 $235.40 per person NON-stop round trip FROM LGA to CLT is a pretty cool price.

What does that mean??

The Boss doesn't want to fly from Laguardia?? Duh!!!

If we fly from LGA, we would have to pay Tony the Limo driver a $100 for taking and picking us up.

Dollars & SENSE =

NEWARK = $712.80 plane fare
..................... 30.00 parking ( estimate )
HIDDEN COST.....................worry about leaving car in airport!!!!
...................$742.80 OUT OF POCKET COSTS.

LGA = $470.80 plane fare
.............100.00 Tony the Limo Driver
............$570.80 OUT OF POCKET COSTS.

DUH... In my book, that's about 172 fazoolas to spend on the lilly kid

Well, people in the office say it's a "NO BRAINER!!"

They don't know the BOSS!!!


PS ... any outside influence on the Boss to sway her persistence, would be greatly appreciated!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Where Will You Be?

Okay, stop and think...

Where were you on July 8, 1990 ??

Where will you be May 5, 2005?

Okay okay okay....

On May 5th at 5 seconds after 5:05 AM , and then again at PM,
it will be
05:05:05 05/05/05

Back in 90, the group was in Ocean City Maryland and we celebrated
12:34:56 7/8/90 TWICE!!!

Any excuse to celebrate!!!

Some people say I have too much time on my hands....


Let me think about that....

Can you think of any reason to celebrate???


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