Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Well boys and girls, I just got back from the hospital for having a stent put in my heart.

Last November(2010), the doctors put one stent in to clear a blockage. COOL!! Keep my heart working.... YAY TEAM!!

They wanted to do another stent to clear another blockage but could not break through the blockage to insert a stent. The wise ol' docs said wait a few weeks and we'll try again.

Well try again was scheduled for 1/3/11 to clear that blockage. They got me on the table but could not clear the previous blockage ( it didn't heal right??) so they put a stent in for a different blockage.

Now I have two stents letting blood flow in and around the ol' ticker and the old blockage is still there but MR. THUMP-THUMP grew or sprouted some other ways for the blood to flow so the docs are not that worried about the blockage for now.

They want to give me another stress test in six months and check out the blockage that they didn't fix yet.

HEY!! I'm still breathing !! and Martha Stewart will say..



Oh yeah, thanks for all the prayers and well wishes from out there in PORQLAND

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