Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Yeah Baby... I gots a lot of stuffs.

I tried to blog at work today but I couldn't hook into the blog server?? or something.. or the page would NOT load?? or some kind of technical term.

Well anyway...

I was all set for ranting and raving about various subjects because


Yeah.. I'm getting to be a crotchety, grouchy, etc. etc old man!!! MORE THAN NORMAL!!!

Hey, I've seen a lot of crap since 1945 and what's going on in this country makes me mad!!

Foreigners ( immigrants, legal and illegal ) are getting into this country and getting aid from the government.

Uhhhhh...??? Try to go to a bank and withdraw without making a deposit!!!

I don't think so !!!

Buffalo used to swarm the midwest plains... millions of them.... and the native Indians used to hunt them. The Indians didn't care if the stupid beast didn't run as fast as the herd... ergo

ELIMINATION. !!! Herd = minus one weak creature.

What really is getting me is the older I get... the less years I'll have to work.. until someday I will not work.

STUPID ME THINKS = "You don't work... You don't eat!"

Now.. is this woosy lovin' government gonna come to Sayreville and give ol' PORQ some chips because... He don't work... He likes to eat... We gave it to the foreigners, so why not give it to PORQ who worked all his life?

Yeah baby !!! THIS AIN'T KANSAS DOROTHY!!!!!!!

The way the government is spending money on "THOSE" people.. I figure that when my turn comes around to stick out my hand for the "GIMMIES", all I'll get is a government FINGER.

Oh by the way, I still like the lilly kids and as they get older, they'll be gettin' grampa beer from the downstairs refrig someday!!


I like cheese !! Need I say more?????


Saturday, October 23, 2004

TONIGHT.... While you sleep... PAL!!!

Oh! The words so often heard by Kevin Arnold spoken by his big brother on "The Wonder Years."

Well I know where some people live.. and heh-heh-heh


I mean.. gooney goo- Gus! I gots me a bunch o' lilly grankids.. and NOT ONE of them got me a beer in the last few months!!

HEY !!!!

Now.. if "tonight, while you sleep" is a threat.. well... heh-heh-heh that means you heard me!!

I'm still looking at 9/11 posts from MAN-KAI, Son of DAN. I'm looking at e-mailed pictures from the left coast.... I'm trying to find my E-mail address book again.. I'm trying to be COOL about this whole thing.

GRRRRR !!!!! WE got a party coming up!! Can't sweat the small stuffs!!

I just hired a videographer to tape the party. I'll do the Church stuffs ( climbing on pews for better angle shots of the DUNKING, walking around to get good shots and other stuffs with the digital ( maybe the Boss will handle that end??) but anyway.. I gots me a person to do the hall stuffs, to walk around and tape the guests and events... whatever.. It's only money!!

ME... I'm gonna be the GRAMPA !!!!! Press some palms, kiss some cheeks, have a few shots!!
WHATEVER... but anyway.. me and Boss' head is in NOVEMBER...

like lilly kids waitin' fer Christmas!!!

OH BOY !!!

This is bigger than the YANKEE choke!!! Let's Go METS !!


we all know Buddy Popowski is smiling ..... at least for now!!


Friday, October 15, 2004

Where is Telly Savalas??

Other than the fact that Dear ol' Telly is in Forest Lawn, and I mean IN Forest Lawn, and

NO BALD JOKES.... Dear Ol' Telly used to say " WHO LOVES YA BABY?"

I know who loves me!!!

BOZA !!!

I mentioned in an earlier blog about having double coverage in Divine Intervention..


Good Gracious Gravy.. Thursday morning sitting warmly in the bosom of the County, protected from the evils of the world, I gets me a phone call from the Carteret High School Cheerleader Moderator... uh oh?? What did I do???

She says, "HEY... Send me a bill for filming so you can get paid."

Uhhhh ..... heh-heh-heh-heh ......
uhhhhhh ...... OKAY!

She tells me to bring the paperwork to the game on Friday.

HOLD IT A MINUTE !!!!!! I check my schedule sent to me by the AD and I have a game written down for SATURDAY 10/16 in SPOTSWOOD.

She says.... "JERK... The game is Friday night in Carteret!!!"

DUH..... uhhhhh heh-heh-heh uhhhhh I dunno !!

So I work up a good CB line and say " COME BACK AGAIN GOOD BUDDY !!"

No not really.... ( I was fooling you!!! ) I did say .. "WHAT????"

She said the game was changed because of a charity event and the Head coach forgot to notify me 'cause the AD is using up his sick days( or whatever) before he retires in January.


So all I have to do is type up a list of games/scrimmages that were taped and submit the list to the Board of Education for payment.

Now... how about that for Divine Intervention !! Good Ol' BOZA had this chick call me and tell me about the game.. if she didn't call.. I would have been in Spotwoods on Saturday.

and I know how to spell that town.. but it sounds better my way!!! ( I think it pisses off the locals!!!)

So anyway.. I know who truly loves me!!! THE BIG GUY!!!!!

It is truly amazing what I do for MONEY !! ( I feel so cheap!! blush blush )

Hell NO !!! This is America... LAND OF THE GREED!!! Damn it means more CHIPS to throw on the table for stuffs for the lilly kids!!! yeah.. and maybe a TAX bill every quarter...
or some stuffs the Boss wants for the lilly kids.. I dunno but Damn

It feels good to be able to reach in the ol' pocket and grab some cash !!!


Yeah Money to spend on "favorite" chilluns and other chilluns I like !!!



Monday, October 11, 2004

Paid Not to Work

What a country!!! I'm sitting home today and all the tax payers in Middlesex County are supplying me with money to stay home today !!

I love it!!! OH!!! Today the county is celebrating Columbus Day !! National Holiday!!

oops!! I get off today because it's a


I feel so silly !!! tee-hee-hee !!

Okay.. I tried to do a blog from work on Friday ( speaking of getting paid and not working!!!) but I screwed something up and before I could publish I lost my screen??? I dunno well anyway... I didn't blog on Friday!!!

So here I am sitting in Casa de Porq and cussing up a storm because I didn't set up Windows XP properly last week.
Friday night I'm going over my race picks ,
then my FOOSBALL picks,
then the machine starts acting up.. ??

DUH WTF !!!!

I mean it was really going crazy...
black screen, re-boot up, black screen... re-boot up,
like over and over again.. uhhhh...

I was scared. I shut the sucker off and figures...


Maybe I should try to fix it !!! ?? ?? !!! Oh well.. what the hell!!

I grabs me XP disc and puts it the CD drive..

OK here goes... I turn the bad boy back on and the disc takes over and asks if I want to install XP. Yeah GO FOR IT!!!!

Since the machine was running STUPID?? duh.. I couldn't do anything .. like back up some recent files... I let 'er rip!!!

Ok.. XP got on my machine.. now I gotsta do other stuffs to get running... so by Friday night... midnight' ish I got the machine to fire up, use Office,
find some saved files on D drive( slave hard drive I found.... heh-heh-heh)
and tried to read some mail... WRONG!!!

I just realized that to read mail you gotta be hooked up to the mail server... DUH!!

POOOOOP !!!! I'm going to bed!!!

(Friday night - early Sat. Morning 4:11 A.M.)

Porq sneaks out of bed and fired up the machine. Uhhh.... if the Boss wakes up and the machine is not working... Porq's voice will be multi-decimals higher from the removal of his testicles!!!

That don't sound good.. and squeaky voices piss me off..


I call up the Optonline line guys for some technical help and


I got hooked up again..

Okay okay I got internet service... I got e-mail.... I got SQUAT!!!

All the new settings from the recent XP install job killed all my pop-up blockers and every 23 seconds a new pop-up would show up!!! THAT SUCKS!!!

Saturday morning... luckily the Boss doesn't want to go gaming so I'm safe for awhile.

Quick... run to Johnny G's and hide!!! I mean "GO TO THE BANK" and do some business!!

When I get home the Boss is running a few games from CD's and didn't go online!!

That just proves that God takes care of Idiots and Drunks!! ( double coverage!!)

Sunday.. basically the same except the Boss is pissed because of all the pop-ups.

DAMN I got to figure something out... HMMMMMM??????

Wait a minute... Dan said IE sucks.. he's right so I install the firefox stuffs and I'm running pretty smooth right now..

A big thanks to MAN-KAI's Brotherman.

Someday I'll know what the hell I'm doing and then I'm gonna be scared.. 'cause running with scissors, playing with matches, and closing your eyes while driving is .. well my sort of everyday life!!!


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