Friday, July 30, 2004

And the Winner IS......???

Hey,  did you ever think about NOT going to work and just goof off and do anything you wanted to do???  Almost like being retired with a LOT of money to afford NOT going to work and doing anything.  Well anyway,  the Boss is hinting that she's thinking about hanging up the ol' pointer, chalk stick, and plan book.  The only reason she's still working is A) She likes what she is doing   B) The house isn't paid off yet  C) The grandkids MIGHT need something  D) Unforeseeable financial disasters  E) Whatever!!!

Okay, me and the Boss are racking up orbits around our nearest star and we will cease to exist one day.  What does that mean???   Okay, you're dead and buried and the bugs will eat you up!!  Alas, all that will remain will be the remnants of bones that housed our mortal bodies.  Okay..  here comes the good part...   BUT what about the MEMORY of the two beings that walked down the road of life????

Will there be footprints in the sand??   UH... YES !!!  Hey the Boss spent her entire life so far being a Mother, and an educator.  If she isn't teaching some lesson to someone, she's worrying about the well being ( MOTHERING) of another.  Her kids, her grandkids, her students, WHOEVER !!! 

Me...  I'm a DUSTER !!!   I shake people up and knock the dust off of them...   whether they need it or NOT !!!   Some people call this BUSTING BALLS!!  I do this for the good of MANKIND!!   Stop and think about this...  if you have dust pile up on you...  and continue to have dust pile up on you...  eventually the dust will turn to dirt..  and you will be buried!!!   If you are buried,   DUH....   you're DEAD!!!   NOW.... if you look at it that way,  I'm doing EARTH a service because not only do I shake up people, any people.. strangers, loved ones, fellow workers, associates..  Damn  ANYBODY !!,  but I'll also go after animals, birds, fishes and other beasts that inhabit the earth!!

So..  what happens in the future????   The Boneman was challenged to a mini-triathalon and he didn't even start training yet.  Now..  I'm familiar with the physical pain of running from my ol' track days in HS and YES VIRGINIA, THERE IS A SANTA CLAUS and he has leg cramps at night and blisters on his feet!!!

Here's something else to think about....   JESUS didn't make it to 34... ( He had more going for Him than Derek)..   if this is coming up in September.....
Will Derek make it to 34????

More stuffs for the Boss..   Who's gonna take care of the lilly kids with the Boneman pushing daisies???

ME....  I like cheese!!!    and the Left Coast Lilly may need the Boss too!!!  

AH...  a purpose for living!!


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Politically Correct

What a COUNTRY !!!  GOD Bless the USA !!!   Oops!!  Did I say GOD???  I may be wrong to mention GOD because I might offend some heathen bastard who worships flies on a pile of cow shit.  Uhhh..  F' em!!
Yeah..   this is a great country..  everybody wants to be here..    everybody got their hands out looking for something...     everybody WANTS !!!   How does it feel to WANT?????

Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys??   Damn   that was an easy question when I was a kid...  The good guys wore white hats and the bad guys wore black hats.  OOPS!!  Politicallly INCORRECT.   maybe I'm not supposed to say "WHITE" or "BLACK" because I might offend somebody.   Uhhh   F' em again!!

Maybe the good guys wear jamulkas??  oops   there I go again....    now I'm anti-semetic!!  OY VAY!!!

How come all these people from other lands that come to the USA have their hands out and GET IT FILLED with stuffs???   GOD DAMN SAM !!! I'm saying it again...   when my grandparents came to this country they had to work or they did NOT eat!!!  How come peoples get stuffs that they didn't work for???  How come a lot of people have to work, pay their dues, tote that bale, haul that barge, etc. etc. and other people DON'T???

Are these poor people deprived??   Are these poor people weak??   Are these poor people going to be allowed to survive???      F' em all!!!!   Weed out the herd!!!!   Make this country stronger and get rid of the anchors, the mal-contents, the moochers,  the SCUM-BAGS !!!

I mean, if you paid your dues and you live to be old enought to enjoy your twilight years... GOD BLESS YOU, but we have people who didn't do shit that are getting their bellies full, bills paid, and other luxuries of life from the sweat of OTHER PEOPLES' BROWS.   That pisses me off!!! Oh wait...   how about the slackers who never vote, never registered to vote, BUT WANT ALL THE BENEFITS and complain that they deserve better treatment by the government????     DUH !!!    If Homer Simpson can go to work...  GOD DAMN SAM (again)   everybody should go to work!!!   If this is a country of EQUALITY..     if one person doesn't have to work..   WE ALL SHOULDN'T HAVE TO WORK.    The well would dry up pretty quick and the slackers would wither and die on the vine!!!   Yadda yadda yadda !!!   it's election time !!!   If we elected Barry Goldwater back in 64, we would have nuked Viet Nam, scared the shit out of China and Russia, saved thousands of American lifes and put the FEAR OF GOD in the rest of the world of the GREAT OL' USA!!!

What good is having MUSCLES if you don't punch out a bully every now and then,  just to keep in shape..
Our Country was founded by War, and we got stronger by war..   ergo...   Let's Kick some ass, make some indigents work, REFUSE WELFARE to some, and just be hard-ass and say NO!!!  "There Ain't no Gain, if there Ain't no PAIN!!"   Hell   I'm married since '67 and went to Catholic schools...  I KNOW PAIN !!!


Friday, July 23, 2004

Another Day In Paradise

Friday, July 16, 2004

WHAT ??? !! ????

How come??   Uhhhh????   I like cheese!!     People make pizza pies with cheese on them.  Some people make REAL good pizza pies.   Yummy!!    Some people like to eat pizza pies in special places...  like the Monahan House!!   I'm talking super thin crust, a pretty good sauce, fair amount of cheese, nice sausage, good supply of peppers and onions, (Choice of sweet peppers or HOT peppers) garlic powder, oregano, crushed red peppers, salt and pepper and a FORK!   Now ...     How come the boss gets bent when I go for a Bar Pie???   Hey, did I say anything about fluid consumption???   DUH!!!!    Okay   you're not supposed to drive with a few under your belt.    God damn Sam !!!  It's scary going out into the world today SOBER !!!   Who doesn't need some liquid courage every now and then???     HUH????   I dunno....
Oh yeah..   how about going to the grocery store (SHOP-RITE) and coming back missing some stuffs that you forgot to buy but still coming home with a "PACKAGE" ???     WHAT????  !!!!   ????
Hey .. at least I bought something.... !!!  ya know...   help the local economy !!!
Maybe you have a cell phone and you are always in a place that makes your phone say " NO SERVICE" and the boss says..   "Why do you have a phone if you never answer it anyway????"   DUH !!!  I dunno !!
Okay, okay, okay...  the little kid is gonna start school.  It's my fault SOMEBODY has to work and not walk this little kid to school on the first day.  Guess who's gonna catch a bunch of crap because I CAN WALK THE LILLY KID TO SCHOOL??????
How come I still don't know how to post cool links like the CZE-J can??   DUH..     Where is MAN-KAI???
Oh yeah,  new job, new obligations, kids, wife, mortgage, car payments, etc. etc.   BULL    THIS IS AMERICA.....    WHAT ABOUT ME??????????????     Didn't that sound very American???
Thank you Brother Roy...    these are real PEARLS !!!   
Rule # 1  - LIFE IS NOT FAIR.   
Rule # 2  - DEAL WITH IT.
Rule # 3  - KID'S ARE NOT CHEAP.
Maybe in the future I'll be able to post a picture     or a link to a picture...    or   maybe something COOL!
WHAT ????   !!!!!  ????

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Poverty Sucks

Hey!!! Guess who didn't win the $290 million mega buck lottery????

Oh Boy... did I have fun just dreaming of taking 3 days off in row just to COUNT my money!!!

Let's see 290 million cash pay out would be around 140 to 150 million? Ok.. let's go from there... Uncle Sam would grab let's say 40% so that leaves around 84 to 90 million to COUNT.

Hmmmm!!! let's see.... Me.. the wife... two kids....
three grandkids... one in the oven.... okay I got it... 85 million for me ... the rest to buy Hoover's house so I could throw him out in the street ( and he's my FRIEND!!!), hire somebody to burn out my hillbilly neighbors and hide their bodies and maybe buy a new coffee pot for work!

Yeah.. that was the plan.. BUT like I said to start off with... POVERTY SUCKS.

It was very entertaining listening to my fellow workers planning to buy mansions in the sky, wheels that would make a PIMP blush, jewelry straight from the Tower of London, etc., etc.

Hell... I still want a pickup truck to take the toys to the kiddies at Christmas !! Maybe I would have bought an ESCALADE !!!

I'll tell you one thing... I definitely would have opened up that Hot Dog shack in Nevada!!!!

Here's something to think about... You know what kind of prick I am on my normal income... How deviant could I become with SUPER CHIPS to fund my projects??? SCARY!!!

Well anyway.. just as long as the kids are healthy and me and the Boss still talk (every now and then... between my various meetings and "obligations" ) who needs money??

Hell ... I got a couple rolls of Drummer boys and the coffee pot at work is COOKIN' GOOD!!!


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