Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time To Talk, or at least Say Something !!

Yeah, yeah yeah!! I didn't post in a while.

Maybe I was busy??

Well anyway, the basement has new walls(sheetrock) and ceiling(sheetrock) and a brandy-new door to go outside. I put one coat of primer all around and the plaster guy came around to fix some blemishes and I'm getting ready for the second primer coat, then the final coat.

After this is done, the boss is gonna get her sink, stove and I'm gonna get a freezer for pierogi storage.

The construction in the basement was very colorful from the workers constantly hitting their heads on the steel beam. Of course the colors were various shades of blue language, but I can't blame 'em... I hit my head down there too!!

All new recessed lights and I even ran a hard wire to the router in the den for my PC in the basement. We also switched security systems and the new system reported it to the Boro ( new ordinance that all security systems had to be registered with the Police Dept.) and of course the boro collected a fee for the inspection of this system ( which the new provider paid for!! ) I PASSED!!

So we are back from the Land of Mouse and basically all systems are go to get stuffs done. ( Knowing the way I operate, it'll be around JULY and I'm not saying which year when I get done!!)

Maybe I'll be done for the 20th anniversary of the fire!!

KofC stuffs is the same and football stuffs is over .... for now? Next year ??

The Boss' retirement makes going on vacations a pleasure 'cause we can go anytime( she don't have the CATHOLIC SCHOOL GUILT hanging over her head anymore).

NASCAR racing season started and I'm doing my "GO FAST, TURN LEFT" stuffs.

Hooray for Jonathan Vilma #51 New Orleans Saints Superbowl Champs.

He got bounced from the Jets when they hired a new coach a few years ago and now he has a SUPERBOWL RING!!!

The grandkids are getting bigger and smarter. God bless 'em all.

I'll be back soon!!


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