Monday, March 31, 2008


It's the last day of being some age!!


Tomorrow I'll be twelve!!



Friday, March 21, 2008


Happy Spring!! BAH HUMBUG !!!

I tried to stand a raw egg up but it didn't work!!

I truly wish I could this year... maybe I should have tried in the morning closer to the equinox??

I wanted to take a picture of the egg/eggs standing and post it on my blog.

Hey... NO SOAP!!

Happy Spring anyway!!


Monday, March 10, 2008

Writer's Strike

Dear Union Writers,

Thank you for walking out and leaving me with no NEW TV shows.

I really mean thank you!! All the lousy re-runs have me and the Boss sitting around listening to the OLDIES station on cable and ... get this....


I also have more time to blog now with "MISSING" any of my favorite shows and maybe I'll learn how to post pictures on my blog.

I tried to add a picture of a MARIACHI Band that was playing in my son's neighbor's yard for a birthday party and we had good seats for the show on the kid's back deck.

I wonder if the picture worked???

Gotsta practice or play with centering or whatever with future pictures.


Friday, March 07, 2008


Reading a blog about actual handwriting made me think that I do not write in script.

Being in the data/input industry for multi-years, I have been taught that "GARBAGE IN = GARBAGE OUT"

In other words, if the key punchers ( that's how long ago I've being doing this) can't read your "PENMANSHIP" they cannot KEY your input.

Soooo... I started to print everything I wanted someone to read in a legible form of BLOCK TYPE.

So what's this have to do with me "writing"???

The American Cancer Society got me this year to "volunteer" to send letters to my "NEIGHBORS" asking for contributions.

The list I received had fifteen addresses on it ... but there are only nine houses on the entire street with the highest house number being 19.... but this list had house numbers in the thirties!!

The Society sent me a list of houses with house numbers of the same street name but a different zip code!!

Well, I photocopied ( I didn't XEROX because that would be brand infringement, or something??) the list and hi-lighted the person's name and sent them the Cancer plea for chips with a HAND PRINTED NOTE from yours truly and explaining how the society screwed up the mailing lists.

If the people respond.. good, if not... I tried!

Hey!! It only cost me a couple of stamps for postage and return self addressed envelopes for the donations AND I probably would have spent that much money or more for a few beers at Johnny's so .. big whoop!

Gotsta stop that cancer thing. GRRRR!!!

Hell I'll probably die from a gunshot wound from a jealous husband/boyfriend or pissed off wife!! Whatever!!


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