Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Getting Old

WOW!! It's been a month since I posted last and about getting old.....

Took the boss to SS and signed her up for benefits. To make up the difference in monthly checks between now and age 66, she would have to live until she's almost 90, so HEY!! "TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN." Thank you Steve Miller.

Still doin' the county stuffs, KofC stuffs, SDO stuffs and getting ready for football stuffs.

BIG NEWS!! The cellar is getting cleaned!! We hired a mover to pack all the "VALUABLE STUFFS" and the cellar is filled with BOXES. That's plural.. not one bock, but boxes!!

I got a storage space on hold for me so all I have to do is move the STUFFS out to storage so the basement can be finished.

It's only been since 92..( FIRE) .. I didn't want to rush into a project.

Spent some time with all the lilly kids watching them function. It was fun to see how cool each one is. 10, 8, 6, soon to be 5, and around Thanksgiving to be 4.

The kids remind me of a CHICAGO song..." MAKE ME SMILE!" and of course the BOSS is super happy doing her "GRANNY" Stuffs wif the chilluns.

OH YEAH!! News Flash, the Ca-doo is NOT under warrantee (50,000+ miles) anymore ..BUT my cost per mile to own and operate said vehicle is under a dollar and getting lower.


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