Monday, September 17, 2007

Passwords, SMASHWORDS!!!


the o'l Porq forgot his password again so he couldn't post lately!!

To quote a "loved" one.... "JERK!"

Even though the calendar says it is still summer, Good Golly Miss Molly...

Best excuse for using covers at night, and it keeps the monsters away too!

High school football is in FULL swing again and much to the dissatifaction of the Boss, I picked up another game to cover on the schedule.

Some guy wants "highlight" tapes of his son ( Junior - WR,DB ) and is willing to PAY!!

The ol' Porq-a-roo usually doesn't turn down chances to pick up some easy chips for the pocket, but like I said, the Boss is NOT happy!

Maybe she'll smile when we're in Italy and I gots me some EUROS in the pocket to purchase stuffs. MAYBE??

Today is Rhena's birthday and the world is a better place. Gotsta call the lilly kid and sing ..


Now, I wonder if I'll remember my password tomorrow?


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