Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Yada Yada Yada

Same ol' same ol' !!!

Here it is, two months past August and the basement still isn't cleaned out!

Luckily, the Boss didn't kick me out of the house because of the NON-Cleaning but I GOTSTA get it done.... SOON!!

She is now gearing up for Christmas and having the lilly kid come up from NASCARLAND.

The house gotsta be clean for the lilly kid!

Now you have to think about the season right now...

a) School started and the Boss is hectic with her new charges!!
b) Football season started and I'm busy on weekends with shooting games.
c) Dues for K of C had to get out for 10/1 and now I'm busy sending out cards for 2006.
d) It's election time and being Treasurer of a political organization, I gotsta keep the books cool.
e) Sometimes I have to do stuff at work too!

Okay, I did a blog... and I did get something off my chest about the basement and by gum bejesus crackers and sawdust, I'm gonna clean that damn place out and throw a lot of the kids stuffs out


if any of the kids read this, and might have some childhood memories stashed in the basement,
yer gonna be shit out of luck!! Sucks to be you!!!


Friday, October 07, 2005

It's that Time Again...

Thas right chilluns....... It's almost that time again!!!

Uh.......?? What?

Well, summer is officially over because we have October Baseball, Season ending injuries for some football players, Hockey season started and the Boss didn't have to turn on the AC for four days in row now!!!


Happy Birthday!!

Who cares? Halloween is coming, Thanksgiving is coming, Rush-A-Homa already went by, Ramadan started, Yom Kippur is coming, Christmas is coming... SEEEEEE????

It's that time again!!!

Everybody is going to start going crazy because of said up-coming events.

My biggie coming up is that the Boss is planning on making pierogis on Thanksgiving Weekend.
Come on, be real!! The kids are going North for the Bird, I got a football game at 11 in the morning, and me and the Boss are the only two left to BIRDIFY. Not worth the trouble.

Oh yeah, the smell of gravy and roasting flesh makes my mouth water, but gooney goo gus.

Maybe I'll defrost a couple of Filet Mignons and make some mashed potatoes!! Yummy, nothing like a full belly and a couch with the tv clicker..... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!

So I gotsta rest my weary legs and get ready for the pierogi weekend marathon.

Oh Boy, I love this season!!

Nothing else to celebrate 'cause my fantasy race scores went down the toilet for the season but I may be able to make penny or two because of the failure of others to score??.. I dunno???

My high school football team still has a chance to make the playoffs so that means a few more chips to play with and.... the dues are coming in like kids running after an ice cream truck.


Oh yeah, I think I did mention I got a couple of cool shots of Man-Kai's brood on the first day of school. I printed them out on the new color laser printer in work and I found out that the color cartridges cost 500 fazoolas a pop. OUCH!! No more printing in work!!

But anyway, Happy Birthday to all!!

Here's something to think about... What are we gonna do for Christmas this year?

Last year we took the troops to see the MOUSE..... Cool.. What to do in 2005???

Buy the kids cigarette lighters so they can play with fire??

I'm sure parents out there never thought of THAT ORIGINAL IDEA!!!!

war - o - waar-ah!! what to do??

Let the Boss decide!! That's why she makes the big bucks...


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