Friday, February 15, 2008

HAPPY New Year !!

Okay, I'm late... It's February already!!!

All the Christmas bills are paid and the chilluns got their stuffs and all the kiddies are happy!!

Work is still there and year end went well. The BIG GUY got his budget out and all the State documents are done and the 1099's were sent out before 1/31 and the IRS got their electronic 1099 file from the County.

I'm basically done until next year end!! Sucks to be me!!!

Oh wait... I still have to do a retro pay for all the management ( Non-Union ) people when the budget is officially adopted by the Freeholders. ( That means I get my annual increase!!)

The KofC is rolling along, and the Say Dems are doing their thing and Carder Associates is wondering what will we do next???

The C.H.I.P. Foundation is getting ready for 2008 endeavors and I saw in a NASCAR catalog "BABIES FIRST NASCAR SHIRT" Onesie, or some kind of juvenile garb WITH YOUR FA-VO-RIGHT Driver and all his logos on the piece of clothing.

Makes me want to take my teeth out and SMILE!!! Carrie would kill me if I sent a "JIMMY JAMMIN' JOHNSON " shirt for the Moose!! That's not even funny!!

The Boss mentioned to me today that I did not blog since last year so I is blogging!

Didn't hear from the Chief Slacker in quite a while and there are still dark clouds hanging around the Artful Blogger. T'is the season of LENT which reminds me of a Grand Knight's message I sent out back in 1990..




Hey all you guys, you know that I'm praying for all of you so thimgs are bound to get better.

Not as good as if I hit the lottery tonight.. 170+ million whatever.. but that would be cool!!

First thing I would do is buy a new house .... so I wouldn't have to clean the basement!!!

Naw... maybe I'd do something else heh-heh-heh-heh!!

Went down south a few days ago and 20 miles from home going down, I remembered that I didn't bring a camera. DRAT!!

Maybe I'll remember to bring it to the grandkids (combo) birthday party Sunday to watch the 500!

What can I say???


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