Wednesday, February 14, 2007


HEY!!! ???

What's the story on this "NEW" blogger stuffs??

Being an old fart that I am, I don't want to change!!

Some old polacks have a hard time learning something the first time around and now they want me to learn a "NEW" blogger stuffs??

Yeah RIGHT!!!

Will the new stuff hurt??

I'm scared!!


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Computer Nazis

Blast that Fadder-rat! Fargin' Ice Holes!!

The Computer Nazis at work took away my clandestine phone line that I used to go zooming around the internet without the scrutiny of the "1984" Thought Police watching my keystrokes.

So what that means is..

I can't blog from work.
I can't Yahoo Mail from work.
I can't Fantasy Race from work.
I can't READ blogs from work.
I can't do STUFFS from work.

Oh well, you heard me say it many times before and this time it's really true...


Oh, I did hear that a new reader of the Porq Stuffs enjoys my style.
( It's nice to have family that knows you and still likes you!! )

So ta-ta for now from PORQLAND and I'll be writing soon ..

from the basement,
(that still needs to be cleaned - ahem CHIEF SLACKER.. do I get any more points???)


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