Wednesday, August 25, 2004


People can screw things up just by being themselves. If you really want to FUBAR, use a computer!!!

Oh Boy!! Did I do a good one to the ol' PC? U BECHA U ASA !! I really don't know exactly what, or how, or when I did it... BUT I deleted, moved, altered, or something to a VWIN32 file.

The electric monster was acting very funny for a few days not letting me shut down without various error messages ( who reads those things???) flashing or blue screen saying FATAL STUFFS ... I dunno !!! Well anyway, whatever the message was saying something about that VWIN, I figured I would try to find it.

I did a search for it and the machine said, "NO DICE" DAMN! OK OK I get an idea!!
DO A SYSTEM RESTORE !!! AH! Yeah... that's the ticket!!!

I go to the System tools and try to do a restore and the monster says..
REBOOT OR I WILL KILL YOU!!! or something like that. OK ALT+CNTL+DEL

BLUE SCREEN Will not shut down properly!! DAMN

Push the off button and start over again. This time maybe I'll do a SCANDISK. Yeah let the machine fix itself. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK (You get the picture? ) SCANDISK has restart 10 times do you etc. etc. etc. OK I turn that baby loose and let it cook.. many tick tocks later.. I still didn't even get to the files or clusters of something that usually shows you're doing something. ERRRRR?? I dunno ???

Hell with it! CANCEL Reboot, Blue screen, power down, start up, shut down!! GRRRR!!!!

Maybe I should take my system back-up disks and re-install the system since I'm missing something(VWIN.something) from my machine???? OK Give it a whirl!!!

Get out the system disks and do a restore. Cool! I can now start the machine up, I can get to the web, and I can shut the machine down!! MIRABILE DICTU !!!! ( Thank Sister Anna David - Sophomore Homeroom ,Latin Teacher!!)

Now Excel, Word, or the printers do not work... You saw it coming..... Laugh you bastages!

Where the hell did I put those print drivers that you use supposedly only once in a lifetime????

To end on a happy note, I got a call from WALT A.D. for some football scrimmages. YAHOO!!

The big question now is... IF I LIKE CHEESE.... WHAT ABOUT PIE ? HMMMMM! PIE


Thursday, August 19, 2004

Happy Are Those....

Who do stuffs!! AMEN !!

Hey, you guys know that I'm a pretty simple type guy. I'm knowledgeable about stuffs but.. GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY... all this computer stuffs with hypertext and codes and stuffs I never heard or ever will understand definitely has me going LA-LA-LA-LA !!

The Boneman has links and pictures and various go-to's. The Left Coast Lilly kid has pictures and pretty pastels on her blogs and the PORQ = NADA, Nic, nihil, ungots.. know what I mean??

The Dan man got a pretty cool site with his various links and I really enjoy WEEBL & BOB.(

That site is better than singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! PIE !!!

Ya gotta be there!! k

Oh yeah.. another happy thought... rendezvous at MONAHAN HOUSE for..... PIE!!!!!


Monday, August 09, 2004

How much for HOW MUCH????

Did you ever wonder how small you are?? These past few days me and the Boss spent some quality time together. SAY WHAT??? Yeah.. I took some days off from work!! We took the lillies for school clothes and stuffs and a few bucks later... you know the drill. So the next day, I spend some time with the Boss. Just chillin' out round the house, couple of loads of laundry, cut the grass, threw some stuffs out of the basement, a few trips to Johnny's, stopped at the Club, got the Boss her fish and stuffs like that! Not exciting at all.. but the Boss was happy! Saturday basically the same, Kof C stuffs, Johnny's, Club, little grillin', sitting on the deck watching the clouds go by and nothing but CHILL!! Sunday was a surprise because the Boss wanted to go out to eat!! After eating I get this request to go to Delicious Orchard or the Battleground Orchard for Apple Cider Doughnuts because we're going to see the kids again on Tuesday. Mission accomplished!!

Time to go home!!

Okay, we're at Battleground Orchard and Route 9 is bumper to bumper going North, South, East and West.
PLAN B - Alternate route!! Hey Sunday late afternoon, let's just drive and we'll come home sooner or later.

WHAT A DRIVE !! We ended up in Marlboro on the east side of route 9. We drove through some developments that had houses that must have cost $1,000,000 ten years ago!! Then we drove through the NICE section. Holy Sufferin' succatash!! HOW?? WHAT??? EHHH???

Okay, I'm a simple person... I go to work, I make some money, I SPEND IT!! What do these people do for a living to afford such houses?? The mortgages on these homes must be over $50,000 per year... NOT COUNTING TAXES!!! What about electric bills, or gas bills, or FOOD??? If you sold the shrubs in front of some of the homes we saw, that would equal my take home pay for a year!!! OKAY Bill Gates is rich!! But HOLY SAMOLI'S !!! Do these people actually ever finish paying off all their debts??

Me and the Boss... we're just gonna go to work, make some money, and SPEND IT !!!

oh yeah... and pray for the KIDS !!!


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