Friday, June 20, 2008

Something New All Over Again!!


I'm getting old!!!

I seem to remember that my password for blogger was something that I typed ...

BUT.... these Google people musta did something???

I had to reset my password AGAIN for the maybe fifth time.


Good news to report...

The old HP computer that had Millenium 2000 operating system upgraded to XP that blew up and I lost a ton of pictures and replaced the hard drive with a 160 giger and loaded another ton of pictures that BLEW up BUT I was able to get off the old "new" hard drive and save on my PC in the basement, that still wasn't cleaned out yet..

( I just read this and what I wanted to say is I saved my NEW batch of pictures from the new hard drive that went ka-blooey on me!!)

I can't get back on the internet downstairs since may 3, 2008 cause, something happened??

I burned some serious gray matter on this situation and still have a trick up my sleeve before I buy 50 ft of line to hard wire the pc to the router.

I dunno??

May be it would be cheaper and probably faster if I buy myself a laptop and charge it to CARDER ASSOCIATES. Wait, I did that already with the new pc upstairs!!

Maybe next years' CAPITAL EXPENDITURES????

Let's go football.!!

The kids are gone, the house is quiet, and I can walk to the bathroom upstairs in my gotchies.


Just think, Christmas is JUST around the corner!!! ho-ho-ho!


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