Monday, July 31, 2006

Back To The Drawing Board


My plans had been foiled.

The supplier of frozen goods had sent a case of baked potato skins with cheese instead of the generic brand "CHEESY-TOTS" that I wished for. Needless to say, the case was returned to the vendor. The supplier apologized and said they would continue their search for such items as a "CHEESY-TOT".


Now here's something to think about. I went to the Burger King web site (
and looked up Cheesy tots on their menu and lo and behold they still had them listed as a product to be sold.


Maybe they are only being sold regionally and the Northeast is OUT!!! ???

I dunno, but anyway Burger King is still listing them on their web site.

Maybe I'll send a shout out to ORE-IDA about these little treats, and if anybody knows potatoes, ORE-IDA should!!


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Carly Simon Sings

Yeah Baby...


Almost like a Heinz ketchup commercial.

X amount of months ago, I stopped at a Burger King and discovered they had "CHEESY TOTS" for breakfast ( stopped being served after 10:30 AM)

Now let me tell you ... these little suckers were GOOOOOD!!!

Tater tots with a macaroni & cheese flavor to them. Oh my o my!!!

But alas dear friends, the BK people stopped selling them because it was a short lived promotion.

Once you get hooked, you become addicted......


Yesterday I had the good fortune to stop at a food service dealer and asked about cheesy tots. I guess I spoke to the owner or BIG BOSS of the operation and he had the office staff look up in various catalogs and distributors about any type of frozen tater-tot with a cheese flavor.

He said there is something out there like it but it comes in 18 pound cases.

After hearing this, I started to drool and told him to order me a case.


Oh yeah, I gotsta make room in the freezer for stuffs.

Maybe eat a lot of pierogis until the shipment comes in????

HMMMMM ??????


Friday, July 21, 2006

School Bells Ringing

Good Grief Charlie Brown!! The nightmares are starting.

The Boss hung up her ACTIVE EMPLOYEE card and wants to be a full time Gramma!!


BUT every summer for the last decade or two, she would rest from a weary work year filling the lilly kids heads up with stuffs. AND... anticipate getting her classroom ready for the opening of school.

Every year the administration would delay in giving the teachers the okay to come into the school to set up, which of course caused a sense of urgency and anxiety for the Boss because she's a ( NOTICE I'M USING PRESENT TENSE!!) dedicated teacher and wants her stuffs to be cool.

Well July is almost over and she had her first dream about setting up her classroom.
Gotsta be an annual instinct that was developed over the years, but anyway, in her dream, she kept telling the staff, "I'M RETIRED!!", but they didn't listen to her.

Maybe this was triggered off by the fact that she is gleaning her accumulated supplies of learning tools to be distributed amongst family and friends and the GARBAGE!!

So until the school stuffs is out of the house, I better be ready for any and all flashbacks the Boss may have in SLUMBERLAND.

I might even try to hang around the house and help her .. NAY, it wouldn't be me..
but anyway, I'll just try not to piss her off until this school stuffs is completely out of the way.

Maybe that's why they call me JOHNNY!!

And I make a frequent post to my blog, not like HALF OF MY KIDS who didn't do squat since May 10th.


Thursday, July 06, 2006


Trip down souff was great. On the way down ( I 95 + I 85 ) I heard on the radio that it was the fiftieth anniversary of the US Interstate system started by Dwight D.

Cool!! Good job USA!! The highways are great.

What was even better was the ride home. I particularly do NOT like sitting in traffic because of construction so I95 was a less favorable route home.

I checked out good ol' MAPQUEST and they routed me north on I77 to I81 to East I78 to Jersey.

The mileage was about 20 miles longer than the 85, 95 route but I avoided Richmond, DC and Baltimore and possible traffic jams on the NJ Turnpike.

The time difference was unbelievable!! Mapquest estimated a 9 hr 58 min trip from Cardross Lane to Albert Street and we left 6:30 AM and was back in HOMETOWN USA by 3:30 PM.

9 hours flat. Including two pit stops.

Only had to hit the speed limit twice during the trip when the rains came down in buckets so I slowed down to 60 ish to pass some 18 wheelers kicking up some monster spray on the windshield.

Needless to say the BOSS was "VERY" happy when the rains came thinking of hydro-plane-ing off a cliff into the Shenandoah Valley or some dopey mountain in Virginia or West Virginia or someplace along the route.

WHATEVER!!! I made good time and the Boss got home safely, ( Physically and not to mentally damaged !!)

Gotsta do it again!!

Had a great visit and the lilly lilly kid can say "WHOOO - WHOOOO!!!"

Next I gotta teach her to spit!!


Sorry to hear about FLOODS Part III!! I hate water in the basement!!

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