Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What a Difference a Day makes!!


For the last two months all I saw was ancient history dated May 13th from Graceland.

Next thing I know is the MUDFLAP scores some points in a Yahoo race and yours truly makes a comment about this great accomplishment and "MAYBE" somebody would get off their dead ass and change their post.

Holy Hooten-nanny!! GRACELAND CHANGED!!!

I guess Elvis waited for me to leave the state so he could sneak in on the internet and post!!

Now I'm sitting in the land of "NO TOOTHS" spitting tobacco juice, drinking beer from a ...

anything...., waiting to smell the aroma of Super High Octane gas fumes from the straight exhaust pipes of the multi-colored chariots of NASCAR and....

SHIT!! they moved up to the POCONOS!!!

Maybe there is enough "NASCAR ju-ju" in the air that it will rub off so I could score some points in the Yahoo league... I dunno????

But anyway, the drive down was uneventful and the Boss is actually talking to me.

The lilly kid is smiling!! Makes 10 hours sitting in a car worth it!!

One more thing I'm scratching my head about....

Did the Q-Dog get the package???


Friday, July 08, 2005

Ya Never Know....

I started off work today as I normally do,

a) Make sure coffee is on
b) Check e-mails
c) Delete all BS from e-mail
d) Check on peoples blogs to see if anything is happening.
etc. etc. you know get some coffee, BS with fellow workers, push some papers around the desk

well anyway as I was in step D.. I noticed that the whoot-de-doos did something to the system again because now I can see pictures from photoblog.. duh...??? I dunno!!

GREAT, now the peeps in the office can dig on the lilly kid!!

Another big la-la-la-la-la-la for today is the boss' birthday!!!

She got some stuffs being delivered to the house and she doesn't know what it is 'cause she me and poo-poo head talking about charging stuffs to CARDER.

SHE DON'T KNOW!!!! Happy B-Day surprise!!!

I gotsta send a package to the Quinn for the August "qinco de mayo" party.

I can't make it (damn!! gotta go to a wedding) but if there are any survivors from this party...

I gotsta make the next one!!!


fifteen two, fifteen four, pair is six, and the jack is seven

or "Do we have highs or lows??" Charles Dickens - Great Expectations!!!

Friday, July 01, 2005


There was no throw at the plate and nobody was rounding third and Phil Rizzuto wasn't "HOLY COW" ing, .....BUT....

we got the call from NC that the kids made it home OK!!

HAPPY JULY EVE!!! Now that the chilluns was safe, time to hit the couch and get some serious

Now the Boss only has one child to look out after.. heh-heh-heh-heh!!

It was a nice surprise for the Boss and we both know that we will miss the lilly kid now that she's back home again but maybe a quick trip south in July can re-charge Gramma's lilly-kid battery until the September Birthday!!

All I can say is..


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