Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I feel like RIP VAN WINKLE, sleeping for multi-years.

I have to say things now that I may never get a chance to say.

My good buddy JTA suffered a stroke. Just because the guy smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish and doesn't eat healthy meals, doesn't mean he should be IN this earth instead of ON this earth.

I saw him in hospital yesterday and his right side , eh... doesn't work. Good ol' BUCKAROO just laying there with tubes in his body without a smoke or a drink in his hand.

I didn't recognize him. STROKES SUCK!!

Got me thinking maybe I should eh... maybe take care of myself so I can be around to piss people off like I always do!! HEY!! I'm good at it!!!

I gotsta get rid of the gut!! Got some profile pictures and the ol' labanz is sticking out and lucky for me I wear cowboy boots or I wouldn't be able to see my feet when I look down.

So, maybe I should slow down on the BUZZWEISERS and do some kind of exercise.

That would be easier than cleaning the basement ... or the garage!!

High school football will be starting soon so I can see some chips coming into the coffers!!

Visited the lilly kids and speaking of LILLYKIDS... GREAT NAME for a photographer who takes pictures of " lilly " kids. GREAT IDEA!!
( Thank you very much !! )

It's also good to see the CHIEF SLACKER blogging again.

The lilly kid is doing the cancer walk again this year but she's not walking, she's volunteering to be a help staff for the walkers. This cancer stuffs sucks too! My Ma bought it because of cancer and everybody who donates time, money, talents, etc. for the fight to find a cure is standing tall in my books.

Hey go to CZEJOHNSON.BLOGSPOT.COM to read about my "lilly" and her cancer walk..

maybe send in a pound or two. ( Back in the "OLD" days a pound was worth $5 .. eh British Stering conversion to US dollars )



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