Monday, March 09, 2009


Who needs friends if you have family!!

Perfect example...

I'm down Souff seeing the LILLY kids. A few people know this... Family, friends, work people.

My Sister-In-Law (Lives in Maine) was talking to my son ( lives in Jersey) and told him that since me and the Boss were down SOUFF, he should go over and TP my house.

Who could ask for more??

Ya gotta love it!!


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Push That Clock Ahead

Time really is flying by fast!!

I remember when we used to push the clocks ahead in APRIL. I just learned how to spell MARCH and we're pushing the clock.

That's it!! I'm done.

No more stuffs until I catch up on some time ( Don't forget, I'm down SOUFF and things move
S L O O O W W W !!)

I'll be back when I start missing work ( and that might be pretty soon!!)


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