Friday, October 27, 2006


Hoooooo - hooooooo - hoooooooooo!


Damn, I hate having my feet cold.

I'm not saying having cold feet, I'm saying "COLD FEET!"

So what happens to all my free time now??

Tuesday - Crash at home from trip up North.

Wednesday - Go to the club for a degree.

Thursday - Go shopping for MOUNDS bars and stuffs for Headquarters.

Friday - K of C Wake

Saturday Morning - 7:30 AM meeting at headquarters ( Be there at 6:45 to make coffee)

Saturday Morning - Go to 4 Seasons and get flowers for CEMETARY SUNDAY

Saturday Afternoon - Football ( away game )

Later that day - Grandkids are playing soccer.

Sunday - Church .. then CEMETARY SUNDAY

It's just like having the Boss home, I'M NOT THERE!!!!

Well at least they celebrated my birthday at the club on Wednesday, and at Johnny's on Thursday, and I'll probably celebrate at the club on Friday after the wake.

Thank God I'm only twelve years old!! Old people get tired!!!

The Boss's car has new rotors and pads so the brake department is set for the next 15 years, unless she drives the car!!!

Well anyway, so much from here for now.

And like the Johnny Cash song,"I STILL MISS SOMEONE."


Friday, October 20, 2006


Yowser yowser!!

I'm on the road again!!

Getting ready to move the Boss to CARRIELAND.

She's going down to help with the BELLY-ITIS!!

Hey, healthy bodies make healthy babies and we gotsta help Carrie with the new lilly coming soon!!

So the Boss is gonna be down ssouth being a GRAMMA and a MOMMY taking care of two people to make sure everybody is healthy and happy.

The only hitch is ride down with the Boss in the car!!!

So wish me luck!!

Wish her luck!!

Wish I hit the lottery!!!


Thursday, October 12, 2006


Oh Boy!!

Me and the Boss are back from South Dakota and back into our daily life routine.

What happened out in South Dakota???

Only our memories will tell.. as of now!!

I took multi pictures of Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Mountain, Wall Drugs, Deadwood, Sturgis, The Corn Palace, Sioux Falls, etc. etc.


I downloaded the pictures from the camera to a laptop everyday so I would not run out of picture space on the camera.


My dear friends at United Airlines had a new procedure of handing luggage which now causes the laptop to do EEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! BLANK !

I think the hard drive in the laptop got knocked around a little ( maybe a lot!!) but the damn thing don't work and I want my pictures off the hard drive.

Brought the laptop into work today and I'll give it to the boys in IT to see if they can pull off my stuffs.

But for now, all I have are memories.


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