Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things Are Things Are Things

Since nobody in the family is blogging, I figured I might as well type out a few words to keep status quo.

The Ol' Porq is slowin' down.

I get tired just watching the grandkids run around

( and Thanking God I don't have to catch them!!)

Had a family loss a week or so ago and the family spirits are still a little down but we must prevail. 36 years old and losing it to cancer with a 4 year old at home. THAT SUCKS!!

A test of faith?? God only knows.

I still go on Sunday and say my AVE's and drop my drachmas in the basket 'cause that's what I believe. It works for me!!


(Here I wish I knew how to use an International Alphabet(keyboard) to put a dot over the Z on BOZA.)

Since I'm only twelve, maybe I'll learn how to do that when I get older.

The near and dear are all healthy and if they are not happy, they SHOULD BE!!

Somebody once said, " Things are things are things are fair."

Me too!!



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