Friday, August 25, 2006

The Link Don't Work

Well anyway, I never said I was PC-COOL with links and photos etc, but I'm good at flipping off drivers in person!!

The article is in the Home News Tribune THNT.COM in the local news section.

The article has pictures of his fireworks, weapons AND some sticks of dynamite!!

Did I say "Village Idiot"?



It was twenty years ago today... etc. etc.

Well NO, This has nothing to do with Sgt Pepper, Beatles, music, etc.


me and the Boss are happily singing, LA-LA-LA-LA, etc.

because reading today's newspapers, it was reported the jerk who lives two houses away was arrested for illegal weapons, drugs and fireworks.

Can somebody finally say "HOORAY" ?

This "person" has been celebrating 4th of July at least twenty times a year for the past twenty years!!

After multi-years of calling the police dept. and reporting that "someone" was setting off fireworks, we ( me and the Boss ) stopped calling because of the futality of such efforts to have those who "SERVE AND PROTECT" actually get off their asses and try to catch the SOB, but after multi-calls of complaints from various neighbors regarding the same thing, the good ol' PBA Boys put down their donuts and rolled by and didn't see anything wrong, except maybe burn marks on the pavement from high explosives, or torn papers from firecracker wrappings, DUH!!!

Well the "Village Idiot" finally cooked his goose when he set off his automatic weapon by firing it six times consecutively one night.

Being a neighborhood authority on exploded fireworks after years of experience listening to the jerk's antics, I knew that it was a weapon being discharged.

I guess somebody else in the neighborhood did too and called it in.

Right now, the little jerk is in the county jail with a bail amount of $250,000.

Try this link to see if it works.

How can we ever celebrate Christmas without neighborhood fireworks?

Or Thanksgiving?

Or Easter?

Or Ash Wednesday?

Or Full Moon?

Or New Moon? Git it??

The Boss is happy!!!

I know Peter the dog would like to get out of the grave and piss on his leg!!


Friday, August 11, 2006


Well boys and girls, the last time around I was looking for Cheesy-Tots.

Somebody posted a comment that I should go to a BK and ask the manager to order me a case of the little goodies.


If only the BK manager spoke "real" english instead of some Hindu dialect, maybe I would have had a chance to communicate with him..

So now my big quest is to find a BK manager that speaks english.

So everything else in PORQLAND is pretty cool so far and I'm chomping at the bit to get into football season. I just bought a 12 pack of video tapes, I printed the labels for the scrimmages and games scheduled so far( don't know about the playoffs yet, but I'm hoping!!) and I'm gonna check the batteries on the ol' camera this weekend.

Oh boy, oh boy!!

Oh yeah, here's another funny thing to talk about.

Everytime I talk to the lilly lilly kid I usually just say Hi, etc and get off the phone. A) I'm hard of hearing, B) I get real impatient waiting for a NOT YET 2 year old to speak and C) everybody knows I'm a prick anyway so I give the phone back to the boss.

Immediately after I give up the phone the lilly lilly kid starts calling

"Whooo- HOOOOOO"

and this really ticks the boss off because she's always being so nice and sweet on the phone to the lilly lilly kid and she gets nada!!

It may not be real funny, but it makes me smile!!

I gotta teach the kid to say..



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