Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Is the world ready for another??

Get ready Earth, 'cause here she comes.

Down in the South there is a little flower growing that someday will
grow into a thing like in "LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS".

Now I don't mean something mean and scary but we're talking about
a force to be reckoned with.

When a three year old starts to SHMOOZE strangers (rather older people she meets for the first time) and walks away as QUEEN OF THE MAY with said "strangers' beckoning to please her,
this little kid is definitely learning the ropes to be a "STAR" graduate from the CARRIELAND SCHOOL.

There are stars rising in the East over here up North that will have "MANKIND" jumping through hoops in the near future too!

Is the world really ready for this??

Time will tell, and I'm sitting back and gonna watch the show!


Sunday, May 04, 2008


Well, I got the boss her new computer.

Nothing fancy. Cheap Best Buy Deal with extra memory and different size slots to put coins in??? i dunno???

JUST NEW and untouched by CHUCK.

I loaded JAVA and something else so the Boss can play her games on a 19 inch screen.

It's a lot faster than my old 286 !! just joking!!

Now I'll try to piece together the parts of the old machines and see if I can get something cooking from the rubble. ( Maybe I'll create a monster... IT'S ALIVE!!!)

Oh yeah, gonna be shooting football again this season and the Coach says he's got some STATE CHAMP shirts, hats, etc. stuffs for me.

COOL - the team DID get to be State Champs last year.

Now with this expected income, this new computer will be a CARDER ASSOCIATES business expense.

Gotta love those write offs !!


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