Thursday, December 27, 2007

Year End Round-Up

The ol' clock did some spinning and 2007 is just about over.

I remembered my password the first time around to get into blogger so that is my MAIN ACCOMPLISHMENT for 2007.

Cleaning the basement accidently got put on hold, even though I did throw out a few empty Jack Daniel's cases in the spring, well it's a start!!

HOORAY for Carteret High School Football Team - Central Jersey Group II Champs!!

They only won because of the "GOOD" game films that were provided during the year!!!

The county is gearing up for a new budget season crunch and the Bosses are running around playing the numbers game. NUMBERS - SHMUMBERS!!!

The coffee pot made a profit this year to buy all the people in Payroll a nice fruit basket for Christmas along with the bosses and the rest of the female staff in the department.

The C.H.I.P. Foundation sent out a dues rebate for the second year to prove the EXCELLENT MANAGEMENT of said institution!!

NASCAR still goes fast and turns left!!

I finally figured out that NY JETS stand for JUST END THE SEASON!!!

My blood pressure is supposed to be taken care of by a little pink pill every morning but now the Docs want me back because they didn't like my blood work.

I don't like going to the doctors... so there!!!

I keep going and they keep finding stuffs.. Who would have thought???


Christmas with the family is really cool .. watching the little eyes widen as the presents were being opened.

Hey.. Happy New Year Everybody.. CZE-JOHNSON, COUSIN RACHIE, THE ARTFUL BLOGGER, CHIEF SLACKER, and all the "students" in CANADA.

Oh yeah, Italy was cool!! To see all the antiquities with the history behind it.. WOW!!

Thanks to all who made me happy this year and to those who didn't....

I'll pray for you!!


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