Monday, October 08, 2007


Hello Boys and Girls...

My name is Johnny and today is my Birthday.


So much for foolishness....

I enjoy reading other peoples' blogs and I felt that I also should post something because you know whatever I have to say .. "MUST BE IMPORTANT!!"

So much for foolishness....

FDootball season is in full swing and I picked up an outside contract to make "highlight" tapes of a player from a neighboring school.

I get to tape this dude whenever he's on the field and I pick up a beenie for one game, each game, every game.

The team he plays on does not have lights on their filed so all home games are played Saturday while my regular team usually plays Friday nights.

I only have two conflicts in the entire schedule and I gots me a cover-dude to shoot the "EXTRA" game for that player and he can pick the beenie after he gives the kid's father the tape.

I do know that I'll only be able to shoot one game in November because of the trip and the MOOSE'S birthday around Thanksgiving so it's a good thing I gots me a back-up.

Oh yeah, the Boss read in a comment from a niece that there was some"family" gossip that should be told and the BOSS wants to know... so.. Niece.. if you are reading this, give your Aunt a call or we'll just have to sweat it out of Carrie.

Happy Columbus Day Everyone and I wish you all find a new country on the other side of the ocean.


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