Thursday, April 27, 2006

Same ol' Same ol'

Well, I feel like a character from POLTERGEIST.... "HE'S BACK!"

Yes boys & girls, I am back.

The pile of newspapers ( Thank you JTA!!!) that stacked up during the Easter trip is down to a daily pile and the bills have been paid and I still got a pile of checks to cash.


Still didn't visit Johnny's yet for an official visit other than give JTA some smokes from down South!!

Gotsta get to the club to do the books for month-end and find out what was paid while I was away. ( I ACTUALLY missed a meeting!!!!! )

The grass around the house is finally turning green ( zoysia stuffs!! ) and I walked around with the spray bottle zapping the dandelions that sprouted. I refuse to cut the grass in APRIL!!

Stop and think about this.. if you start cutting your lawn in April, by the time you put the mower away for the winter you'll have over a half year of mowing under your belt. GRRR!!!

I think I bitched about mowing lawns last year on my blog.. maybe I'll dig the archives and check it out. uuhh.. like maybe I'm busy!!!

But the school year is winding down and the Boss is waiting to talk contracts so this is an interesting time of the year especially after her getting the ROYAL HARDWARE STORE ( not just a screw job but the whole enchilada !!) last year because its a "SECOND" income.

People who really know me know that I suck and can be a pretty mean SOB if I want to.
If the school gives any kind of BS to the Boss, Leibowitz, Aronowicz, et al will be contacted!!

Gooney - Goo Gus!!

Ok.. been back to work for three and half days and I'm starting to think about taking some time off... HMMMMM?????

Sounds like an Everly Brother song... "Problems, problems, problems all day long.."

I almost feel sorry for me... heh-heh-heh!!


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Where Am I??

It's been some time that I posted and now that Lent is over and He is Risen, I can rejoice in telling everyone that things are going GOOD!!

I'm getting ready to do my weekly NASCAR picks right here in the heart of NASCARLAND and my hopes that the geographical MOJO will work.

I even went to an AUTO-RITE store to buy a NASCAR DAY PIN. Good ol' Gomer behind the counter said, "EHH?? I don't think we have them... ehhh we had them last year.. ehhh I'll call my manager."

He did and the store didn't have them. DRAT guess I gotsta go to CONCORD to the track to try and get one.

Troy said we should go to the site of the future Hall of Fame and take pictures and go back X years later for a BEFORE and AFTER shots.. HHHMMMMM??!!!

Everybody is healthy and smiling. I can see why the lilly kid posts about her little Boogie running around. COOL!!

It's amazing to see little creatures actually process thought and react to situations. MANKAI, Son of Dan, must have a great time watching his three grow in wisdom. I'm sure the Quinster will agree that it is a humbling process to watch a little person grow from such a small seed into the fantastic creature before us.



Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Lent is almost Spent

Amen I say to you my brothers, 'tis the season of spiritual readings.

In one of the daily mass readings was Isaiah 55:1. "Even if you have no money , come and eat and drink for free."

Hey , now that the Quinster is getting religion again, how can you spiritually top this offer??????

It's like a free buffet for bag people to chow down and booze it up.

Maybe I'm interpreting this scripture wrong, but God Damn Sam,

I just found out last night that my hopes for a Cinco de Mayo celebration has been dashed into the rocks because of family obligations( Cousin's kid receiving Holy Communion that weekend). Sucks to be me !!!

Back in January or Febutary I was talking to the Boneman about heading off to Casa de Quinn III for cinco de mayo but alas... foiled again.

Maybe some obscure weekend after that before football starts a little cribbage, pool, beer consumption, general debauchery, etc. with materialize!!!

The shrink wrapped kielbasi is ordered and I'm gonna start packing the bags for the trip to NASCARLAND. I intend to take a trip to Concord and buy one of those NASCAR DAY lapel pins to celebrate uhhh...


Will Farrell's commercial makes you have to have a pin!! or at least celebrate NASCAR DAY!!!


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