Monday, November 29, 2004

Let Us Give Thanks


Thank you Lord for Monday Mornings....

especially after a 4 day Holiday weekend!!!

Time to get some rest!!!

AHHHHH !!! Safe in the bosom of the County!!

Protected from the evils of the world, living in a make-believe world of County Government,
doing stuffs to earn my salary and add to my pension in 2010!!!

Now that I'm back "AT WORK".. I'll have time to post a new blog... do some KofC stuffs..

shop on-line for Christmas stuffs ( NOTE BIEN... I did NOT say X-Mas GRRRR!!! )

It seems the "X-Mas" things is some kind of NON-Christian thing, or ... Satanic thing to discredit the Jesus Dude from 2000 years ago.

I mean... Gooney Goo GUS !!! X this !!!

Moses was some kind of super dude in his day for the Hebrews out there.. and Buddha and those other fat bastards tried to set the minds straight for the yellow skins and we have the Mohammed guy doing his thing for the sand people. AND a lot of people have the Jesus Dude!!!

All these guys wanted us to live cool!! ya know .. no bullshit, just being cool.

SO... if any of the other "religious" sects have something to say about my style of religion...

ESAD !!!!!

Ok let's go on..

Time to do some stuffs at the ol' county desk and keep the Big Guy happy!!

( In order to survive in the real world of working for a living.. ya gots ta keep the boss happy!!)

You know as well as I do that some time in your life you're gonna have to eat a shit sandwich!!
Sucks to be you but remember while you're eating the sandwich...


Ya gotta find happiness in everything ya do!! Alfred E. Newman is right!!!

So ... me and the boss are gonna go into this holiday season with visions of sugar plums and stuffs because...

WE CAN !!!!

THANK GOD !!! ( I'm not saying which one!!! )


Thursday, November 18, 2004

On the Seventh Day, He rested!

The kids are gone!! They will be sadly and appreciatively missed!!!


This was just a warm up for the full season, full contact, no holds barred, kicking, screaming and gouging baby sitting job that's gonna come when the house is sold!!!


Me and the Boss feel like Ren & Stimpy getting ready to sing HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY etc.
'cause WE can rest a little you know... the calm before the storm... but but but...

this ain't coming out right but we were very happy to see the kids but God damn Sam..

we're too damn old to run that course again. I could see a couple of laps around the ol' diaper changing, feeding, crying track.. (like an eight track tape from the late 60's and thru the 70's)..

BUT after a few THUNKS from the "8 track" enough is enough!!

The Boss will dig on it. It'll knock the hell out of her. Her doing the granny stuffs with the first three lilly kids,

then riding herd on the OLV lilly kids and trying to take the sawdust and pudding out of their heads,

then lilly Rhena doing the goo-goo wah-wah stuffs at CASA de PORQ..

she's (The Boss) gonna have her hands full!!

I just might sign up for the POOL league at the club when darts is over!!!

She'll be so busy that she won't notice me gone!!! Maybe even sneak off to play cribbage with the QUINN!!

oh yeah and drink beer!!

BUT for now...

WE SHALL REST !!! God speed kids.. hopes ya get home safely!! sell the house .. and

GO EAST !!!!! 'cause you know the west is not the best!!!!

OINK zzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz

as the Porq snores off into the sunset !!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Running With Scissors

Yeah Baby...

People from the left coast came in late Tuesday night. Wednesday UPS delivered a wireless router and card to CASA de PORQ.

NOW... the boss can sit in front of the "MAIN" machine and do her stuffs.. while yours truly can go in the basement and fire up PC#2
and go on the internet without the usual fight and hassle to get air time on the "main" machine.


Oh... by the way... the PC in the basement is one file cabinet away from the frig that contains chilled cans of red white and blue stuffs. You know... sodie pop with the foam on top!!!

Saw the lilly kid for the first time up close...

THANK GOD, she doesn't look like me!!!

I did the Grampa stuffs and held her and walked around goin'
" woo-wooo bay-bee woo-wooo bay-bee "

AND I did say "OINK" to her !!!

She smiled. I also told her if she didn't cry, I would give her money. She didn't understand, but when I said I'd take her to a mall... SHE SMILED!!!!!!! ( some kind of genetic trait )

So my Friday post is late. But not as late as DEREK!!!


Friday, November 05, 2004



I'm old. I forget. I'm dumb... sometimes... ( heh-heh-heh)


Gooney Goo GUS !!

I still remember.. " I before E, except after C."

So that means if you want to spell receive... you put the e before the i.

If you want to spell the word piece It's i before the e.

SOOOO.... If you want to spell the word NIECE.....

You put the I before the E.

ERGO... If yer gonna correct me about my chronological first born stuffs....

Correct me correctly !!!


Can't wait... kids are coming home...

gonna get a router.......

gonna hook up the PC in the basement.....

won't have to fight the Boss for ONLINE time....

OH BOY we're gonna have a party..

I'm happy !!

I can only say...


Thursday, November 04, 2004


Richard David is a Daddy!

Ryan Andrew... welcome to EARTH !!!!

Ya know this kid's in trouble with me, Derek, Carrie and the rest of the family to contend with!!


maybe UNCLE DEREK will change his blog!!!

It is something to write about!! He could welcome Richie into the wonderful world of smelly diapers, multi- noctural feedings, maybe some crying!!!!, and stuffs like that!!

Well anyway.. I'm very happy for my first born second son and pray God blesses "his" family.


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