Thursday, March 30, 2006

I Seed it!!

Remember the movie STRIPES????

Bill Murray and the "troops" were marching off to their barracks and he started to sing DO-WAH DEE-DEE. This may not be the best moment in motion picture history, ...


Manfred Mann just makes you want to bob your head, snap your fingers, shuffle your feet.. everything!! It's a COOL song.

Okay .. now equate this song to your everyday life...

Did you ever really feel good about something that you wanted to

Of course you did.. because you felt GOOD.

Well I saw the lilly kid do her "DUCK WALK".

I don't know what she was thinking about , or what was going on in her head,

BUT SHE WAS GROOVIN' ON SOMETHING that really turned her on. COOL!!

She was doing her "DUCK WALK" = taking exagerated heavy steps(almost a stomp), bobbing her head forward in time with her steps and wearing a BIG grin!!!

WOW!!! She was doing her "DUCK WALK".

Now this makes me feel good because the lilly lilly was having a good time and when kids have a good time that must mean I'm having a good time 'cause I'm a kid!!!

Well the lilly kid is gone and safely back home and the 1st thing I did was...


never mind.. you know what I mean.


Saturday, March 25, 2006


Yowser yowser!!

The Ol' Porq must lead a good life 'cause I was just blessed with .. get ready..


Yep.. It don't get any better than that!!

Friday, the lilly kid was going to Wash DC and the Boss went to work. Good ol' Porq took a vacation day to stay with the lilly lilly!! until the Boss came home!!

Well just before the lilly took off, the lilly lilly was put down for a nap and the fun began.

The monitor was turned up so I would'nt miss anything and after about an hour, the kid woke up. Now I threatened that I would keep the kid standing in the bathtub all day so I would NOT have to worry about any leaks of soggy clothes, but that was VETOED by the mother. GRRRR!! I thought it was a good idea!!

Next worry was there wasn't any barmaid at Johnny's working the morning shift. Original plan was if things got soggy or stinky, put kid in plastic bag with head out and take to Johnny's for fixin'.( Ya gotta use a pool table for something in the day time!!)

But .. LO and Behold... I did do a HUGGIE switch during my tenure as PROTECTOR OF THE INFANT!!! What the hell happened to the pins?? It's now some kind of paper, plastic, rubber velcro???? i dunno ???????

But the Boss came home after work, and the house didn't burn(again) and the lilly lilly was safe from the PROTECTOR OF THE INFANT!!! and the rest of the world.

Now get ready for the yang part of my ying. The Boss' cousin in Chicago passed away and Friday was the viewing and Saturday is the Funeral. DAMN!! Bill was a great guy and raised a super family and the Earth lost a GOOD GUY. I really feel bad that me and the Boss couldn't get out to Chicago for the wake and funeral. Maybe some weekend in the very near future we can get to personally give our sympathies to Marge and her kids.



Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Here's to the 1st JC

Mirabile Dictu!!

yea yea yea 20 years of Catholic school education but I still remember some Latin from Freshman and Sophmore year.

So, not to delay the celebration any longer...


Happy Ides of March !!

Et tu Brute?

This was probably a pilot for a Soprano episode multi-years later.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

People DO care


Reading some blogs the past few days, I am most gloriously satisfied to see that people out there on Earth, really do care about other humans on this planet.

It is truly refreshing to learn that people actually are concerned if somebody in Wisconsin has a date, or if somebody in South Africa is going into the Fall season, or if people in Maryland are having crocuses blooming in their yards.

Students in Canada are going on Spring break to get plastered and screw around. Friends of my daughter are concerned about a "play" weekend get-together. Multi-people are bent out of shape that a local politician wants to give "ALIENS" people who entered the USA illegally, some kind of rights. Oh just a multitude of various subjects that sometimes pisses people off in their blogs or just the joy of reading someone vent about some type of "injustice" or ridiculous situation that seems to fill OUR LIVES!!!

Keep up the good work out there all you people and I think I'm gonna sue the people who gave the Boss a bunch of shit pertaining to her teaching credentials and without any chance of explanation or rebuttal, takes her kid out of school and puts the little precious in a new school. BASTADGES!! FORGING ICE HOLES!!Ask Johnny Dangerously.

Well anyway, IJDM!! Oh yeah.. does having blood pressures in triple figures mean anything?


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dark Day in Sunny S-ville

Oh Woe and Groan!!!

True love got kicked in the professional noogies yesterday.

This entire scenario is because children have children.

One parent of the Boss' students, didn't like the fact that the Boss told this particular person that some actions should not be done in the presence of children.

This parent(child) didn't like the idea that this was a professional observance and took this information as a REPRIMAND. This parent(child) became irate that this must have been the first time in that person's life that ANYONE said that this person did ANYTHING WRONG!!!

Letters were written and sent to various supervisory staff and conferences were scheduled to rectify this parent's concern. Needless to say the parents did not follow what they had said they would do and took further action to blemish the Boss' credentials without giving the Boss any means or chance to counterpoint these attacks.

The Boss is very much so hurt and the SUN IS NOT SHINING!!!

I even started to clean the basement to try and make her a little happy.

Damn those kids who have kids!! I wish I could really say what's on my mind, but I'm sure there must be some kind of decency laws for the internet.

DARK DAYS IN SUNNY S-VILLE, even if the sun IS shining!!


Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy Stuffs


We just did the Family Bowling stuffs this weekend. The kids all had fun!!

Even Granma enjoyed herself with the kids.


The shirts didn't win the best outfit but if all 15 shirts were there, we might have gotten an honorable mention.

One cool thing that happened... the boy did not bowl but me and the Boss took care of him whilst the others bowled. On one of the ways back from the amusement machines(quarter hungry, money eating monsters!!) the boy saw a contingent of people wearing black shirts and immediately set his course to this site. Upon arrival to this destination, the boy looked up and probably did a WTF... WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE???



I corraled the little bugger and headed him to GRANMA sitting by Mom and Dad and the WORLD WAS GOOD AGAIN!!

This happened twice to the boy and once with the next one up the ladder.
(These kids are definately POLISH!!) I'm so PROUD!!

Hey we still had a real good time.

Can't wait to see the real lilly kid for Easter.
If I'm going there for Easter, maybe I should call her a "LILY" kid??

Pierogi school WILL be open!!


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