Saturday, May 19, 2007

What's My Name?

Good Grief Charlie Brown!!!

I can't seem to remember my user name for this new blogger stuffs.

Ehhhhh.... maybe that's why I didn't post in a while.... ehhh 'cause I couldn't get in to post!!!


Well anyway, I think I can remember who I am now ( maybe?) and I'll try to post more frequently.

So ... ehhhh... don't get your gotchies in a bunch!!

Oh yeah, the Lilly was here for two weeks and the lilly lilly definately gave me and mama and run for the money. WOW.. lilly kids move fast .. and often..!

The garbageman got some new weekly treats with the addition of dirty diapers in the collection.

Just think if it was in the middle of summer!!

Being an old goat that I am, it was a task to stay awake after a multi-hour session with the chilluns.

I only hope they stay happy and give THEIR parents a run for the money!!



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