Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Where's My Flying Circus?

Hey.. come on.. Monty Python had a Flying Circus.

You know.. something completely different.

Everybody knows about Carrieland, Graceland, Casa de Quinn, Ayerdsville..


Just because I see cut out faces on various objects, large feet stomping minorities, people blowing up sheep, relatives ( including myself) wearing twit hats and rolling up their pant legs...

Come on... what's so different??

Oh yeah, I'm old. Old people don't do that stuffs anymore. Being twelve sucks!!

How come people are selling hot dogs in Charlotte? What about Jersey Johnny?

Maybe I'm going through withdrawal syndromes... No lilly kids, no booze, no BEER.

At least I still have the comfort and safety of being in the bosom of the county away from the worries of the world!!


Graceland fell off the map again?? DUH !


Monday, February 14, 2005

Hearts & Flowers & other Frilly Stuffs

Happy V-Day !!

Love and Kisses to Everybody!!

That's all yer gonna get!!

No Candy, No flowers, No ROMANTIC DINNER w/candlelight!!



Okay, I have to admit that I'm stuck in the middle of the winter BLAHS...

I can't go to the beach( check out the stuffs walking around!!), I can't go golfing..(I'm a lousy golfer anyway..), it's too lousy outside to do anything..( Jersey weather is usually pretty cool but ya still can't sleep outside if the Boss throws you out!!)


watch TV and clean out the basement!!

This is NOT a ONE DAY project!! ( ask the boss!! )

Well anyway... I got the race stuffs started for 2005.

Just couldn't wait for Man-Kai to get off his dead butt and set things up so I took matters into my own hands.

Yeah.. that's the ticket!! Just like Norm Abrams... DO IT MYSELF!!!

So to quote the Beach Boys.. "Let's go (surfin') insert "RACING" now, everybody's learning how, come on a SURF-ARI with me!!!!"

VROOM VROOM VROOM Go fast..... turn left!!! Oh boy!!

Something to do now for the next 36 weeks !!!

Simple things keep simple people happy!!

LA-LA-LA-LA-LA ( Sounds like happy !!)

The lilly llily kid was super happy over the weekend, and just to add to MY happiness, I have a cold so I couldn't smell any signs of diaper deposits and being a little lame on the hearing side, I didn't hear any crying in the middle of the night!! I just love when a plan comes together.

But alas...

the lilly lilly kid is gonna go home soon...

I happy for the both, no all three of 'em to be together again, but I know me and the Boss will miss the lilly lilly kid with the goo-goo wah-wahs and a smile that can melt an iceberg!!

Gives me good reasons to travel south!! besides seeing the MOUSE !!!


Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Damn you Rockefeller !!!

I'm jumping up and down all excited about going down to the lilly kid's house in Carolina to see a NASCAR race and I even planned which one I wanted to see.



Saturday night....

Leave Thursday night..

take Friday and Monday off..

leave the boss at home ( She's got School!!)

Have a Brewski with the Son-in-law ( Have to try out the refrigerator in the garage.. see if it's still working like it did in Reno..)

Say goo-goo wah-wah to the lilly lilly kid and go off to the races!!

Checked for tickets on line ..

all set to buy ... when I looked at my calendar!!!


Ouch !!

I gotsta be in Sayreville May 22!!

I feel like Burt Reynolds dancing with a super bowl bear!!

I mean... I WAS THERE !!!!


All my dreams up in smoke!!

Carrie said Ma wouldn't let me go anyway!!!


So close!!!

Maybe I'll take up fishing and go on a "Lake" tour!!! ??? ???

I'm going.... Amen I say to you.


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Happy Anniversary Sherman & Mildred!!


I'm posting this early.. but we just gotta celebrate Col. & Mrs. Potter's anniversary!!!

Oh yeah, one of the Doll's daughters' grandmother was born on Ground Hog day too!!


Thank you Sonny & Cher and Bill Murray for starting out Ground Hog Day for us.

Do Ground hogs OINK???

Things are things are things are fair!!!

Now that's deep philosophy...

Maybe not as deep as the Ranting Son.. but DAMN SAM!! It makes you think!!

Gonna see the Mouse.... gonna see the Mouse...


Lilly Ryan 's gonna get christened Uncle Ray turns 60!!! ( HE'S OLD!!!)

Porq is looking to NC with great expectations!!!

Huntersville, the home of Joe Gibbs Racing!! Hello Bobby Labonte, Hello Tony Stewart...

and maybe someday... Hello Jersey Johnny Bupalini.

How can you NOT buy a hot dog from a pushcart dude who has a name of JERSEY JOHNNY BUPALINI??? and if you DON'T buy... He'll kill ya!!
( just kidding ..... Jersey Soprano humor!!)

Hmmmm... ???? Maybe something to do after my "heart attack" while I'm convalescing.

Gotta save those sick days!!!


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