Thursday, September 30, 2004

Oh! How I Love Thee...

You know it Baby!! You guys know that me and Boss smile!

Why does a person smile???

Hmmmm!! ???? ehhhh.... "because they're happy?"

You'll never know!!! Good Gratious Gravy!!!
All I know is that the Boss seems happy.

When she's happy..... I'm not in trouble!!! I SMILE !!!

Oh.. another reason I smile is because something is funny!!!

Yeah Baby... thas right chilluns... I is laughing at something!!!

Take for instance... you go out to lunch... and you don't go back to work... and they don't miss me.

That could be a reason to laugh.... or at least SMILE.

Now all of MY happiness depends if I'm in trouble or not. I try like hell to do the right thing..

BUT DAMN... It's fun having fun!!! ( and not getting caught!!)

With the new lilly kid out west, the Boss' time is consumed with the Pretty Precious.
Somebody has to worry if the kid is sleeping, eating, getting diapers changed, will she go to the right schools, what kind of friends will hang around the house, is she gonna be a good driver, where does her boy friend come from, are his parents cool..... all kinds of good stuffs to keep the Boss OFF MY CASE !!!!!

Now .. take the above scenario and multiply it 4 times.
(except for the Boy friend stuffs for Damian!!!)

We got 4 grandkids!!!

With all of these visions of "sugarplums" running through her head.. she doesn't have time to worry about me going to the club, Johnny G's, three hour Shop-Rite trips, Monahan House pizzas!!


she's got a new Boss at work. This adds to the FUN!!!

Now... why do I smile??

Sometimes ya just gotta say....


Friday, September 24, 2004

Pirates In America


The guy with the patch just hoisted his jolly roger over my wallet!! God Damn Airlines!!

Okay, okay... you guys know about the lilly kid out west. Well, the christening is gonna be in Hometown, USA.

In order for the left coast to get to the best coast, ya gotsta fly. I knew that, the boss knew that, the kids knew that. Hell, I told them many moons ago in the monster belly days that I'll pick up the tab for the trip. WHY??

Because I can!!! AND... the boss wants the kids home so she could see the lilly kid!

CHIPS... No problem..... but I hear that Continental airlines just stopped giving half price fares for infants to fly the day before Carrie could make a reservation for the Eastern journey!

ONE DAY!!! Ouch... !! Rotten bastards!!

Oh well, you heard me say it before, and you know that I'll say it again in the future....

It always sucks to be somebody!!! ( MY TURN !!!! )

I'm now happy that I bitched about something but way down deep inside, you guys know I'm happy as a duck because the baby is fine, the kids are ok, the schoolster is doing fine, Laney is still Laney (good grief!!) and the lilly boy is still a lilly boy.

I'm also glad for the CDQ III having a cribbage board in the house (HINT HINT) and the Dan man didn't go down the river via SWAN STREET. ( water in houses BITES!!!) Porqville used to float!! Paid the ten grand for the immigrants to dig the trenches and put in the sump pumps and THANK GOD it's done.

The basement always had the leak in the corner that spread and the shop vac was constantly sucking GALLONS of water for me to dump. NO MORE !!! High and dry!! No more BenGay for the lower back!!

Oh Boy... I'm Happy!!


Saturday, September 18, 2004


Amen !!!

Mother and child are well !!

Father is in a world of surprises if his daughter is anything like the mother or namesake!!!


I'm happy.... the boss is happy..... the world is happy !!!

9/17/04 Rhena Elizabeth Johnson

REJ (sounds like Mr. October.... REG-GIE REG-GIE)

4:49 P.M. Pacific Time 7 lb. 9 oz. 21 inches.

( Rhena = sounds like the Polish pronunciation of IRENA - Grandmother of Carrie)


Oh yeah... goo-goo wah-wah time !!!


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Teach Old Dogs New Tricks


When's my turn to learn how to Blog pictures???? DUH !!!!

If Lifeguard Bill starts a blog on Tuesday and starts posting pictures of CDQ part3 on Wednesday.....

God Damn Sam.... I gotta get off my dead butt and learn this stuffs.

I mean, I'm not talking about cute lilly pictures of puppy dogs, I'm talking STUFFS!

So... if you guys wanna see the STUFFS....... ya gotsta teach me the stuffs ... or at least a site to store the stuffs to reference (AHEM!!!! DAN !!!! )

Well anyway, good to see Bill on the web and good luck with the pool table!

I think a plain table with a cribbage board would be better, but who listens to me????

So.. I'll just wait here on the BEST coast ( nothing to do with the WEST coast) and hope things work out OK !!!

Eagerly awaiting a goo-goo and wah-wah from the other side !!!


Thursday, September 09, 2004

Somebody Peeked!!!

Big news on the internet today. The smart guy on Jeopardy finally lost on the 75th show with a total winnings of around 2.5 cool million fazoolas. Somebody who was sworn to secrecy leeked out the info.

Does this really matter? HEY !! That guy is pretty smart with an amazing ability to recall a lot of stuffs. BRAVO DUDE !!

PEOPLE -- It's just a game!! It's entertainment!!! It's like CBS and NBC's "reality" shows!!! WRESTLING!! Same thing !!! ENTERTAINMENT!!!

Yeah I know, when you go to a movie ya get pissed if somebody tells you the ending.. BIG DEAL!!!
It always sucks to be be somebody!!! Okay okay okay, you get disappointed!!! BIG WHOOP!!

Some people even find out what a kid will be before it's born!!! WOW! Talk about spoiling surprises!!

Are people so insecure that they have to know everything?? I dunno.. ???

Oh yeah, the lilly kid is having a kid. I'm happy!! I'm excited for her. I'm praying for her. Hope the lilly lilly kid is healthy. Having Polish and Irish blood in it's veins definately will cause some type of catastophic effect on this planet, but what the hell... ya gotta roll with the punches!!!

Here's something to think about... I saw somekind of HAPPY blog or something?? for posting pictures to the web. I gotsta look into this so I can "COOL" up my blogs.

When was the last time you said, "IGGLY PIGGLY TODD" ???

Derek once said, " DON'T THINK OF POLAR BEARS."

Speaking of the Boneman, he now has good chances of outliving Jesus. He punked out of the triatholon he was supposed to do with the DAN-MAN. Postponed until 2005 !!! yea right!!! If it doesn't have anything to do with cooking, shooting pool, drinking beer, or playing poker, do think MAN-KAI is interested???

Good thing, I need a new black suit anyway and I don't feel like buying one right now!!!

Oh yeah, if you read this, keep a good thought for the left coast baby boom!!



Friday, September 03, 2004

It's Getting To Look Like.....

Good Grief Charlie Brown.. the Halloween candy didn't even get on the shelves with full force and stores have Christmas stuffs in the aisles to put up!! Happy Holy Manger!! I mean I know I sing "SWEET BABY JESUS" all year long, but does the money hungry capitalists have to move in to my territory?? DAMN!!

Okay okay.. I got a grip!! I'm still used to the "HOLIDAY" season as "GIMME STUFFS!!!!!" ringing from the rafters of CASA NINE, and since the whole family is of a PARTY nature, we celebrated the "SEASON" all year long.... ergo "GIMME STUFFS" was heard all the time!!

Now is the time to relish these deeds and hold them close to heart.... because my kids are having kids... and what goes around... heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh COMES AROUND!!!!

Grampa Murphy always used to say, "I love grandkids, especially when they go home!"

Well Murph, the next 10 shot and beers are for you ol' buddy!! (Ya gotta love the liquid courage to endure these things!!!)

DRIVE CAREFULLY... School started .. AND one of those lilly kids walking to school is my grandkid, so watch it out there and DRIVE CAREFULLY !!!

Speaking of grandkids, me and the boss are anxiously awaiting the left coast addition. Hey, the boss' baby is having a baby!!! At times like this GEOGRAPHY SUCKS!!! Flights into Reno take 2 or 3 days if you make your connections and sometimes when you fly someplace, you usually have to fly back.. and coming back from Reno.. that's a trip by itself!!

So with school started, Grand Jury duty in progress, Football season on the go, and Knights of Columbus dues notices being prepared.. maybe we'll see the new lilly kid (M/F ????) when it builds up a little tolerance to people.

Oh yeah, ya gotta love the Dan-man with his political views. I'm basically ignorant on a bunch of the Presidential Issues but I believe DEAD ENEMIES = NO PRISONERS TO ABUSE.

You carry a gun against us, we kill you. DONE !!

Is this a democratic view or a republican view?? I dunno.. but let's beat the shit out of our enemies( whoever stands against us, France, Israel, Stupidzakistan, whatever, shoot the bastards and let the bodies lay there until their weeping countrymen clean up their SHIT! Hell after they're all dead, we're gonna leave anyway, so what the hell, shoot 'em up !!

And basic training for our military, we can shoot the US dissenters, crybabies, and leeches on society, for practice.

Now that's CATHOLIC SCHOOL mentality!!! (Thank you Sister Mary Constant Pain) No Pain = No Gain.


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