Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bare Bear Facts


Just be coincidence, a fellow worker started to talk about BEARS!!!

He said that the Kodiak bear is the largest and I immediately said the Polar bear was larger.

Ahhh confrontation!!!

I said that the Kodiak was a brown bear and the polar bear was a larger bear.

He pulled up a website that stated the Alaskan Kodiak bear, a subspecies of the brown bear, was the largest land carnivore and that's pretty cool considering carnivores eat PEOPLE (form of meat).

The Library of Congress states that the Polar bear is generally considered the largest bear on Earth. A close second is the brown bear, specifically the Kodiak bear, native to Alaska.

Check it out!!!

Polar Bear:
Average Weight of Mature Male = 900 - 1500 pounds
Heaviest Recorded = 2,210 lbs.
Average Length of Mature Male - 8 - 8.4 feet

Brown Bear:
Average Weight of Mature Male = 500 - 900 pounds
Heaviest Recorded = 2,500+ lbs.
Average length of Mature Male = 7 - 10 feet

WOW!! That's some stuffs !!

Who is gonna weigh and measure the fuzzy sucker that got away and is going

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR on the horizon???


since everybody was talking about the "GLOWING" Russian landscape.. and one of the future mutants will be a SUPER ROOSKI Bear that will possibly measure up to a good ol' AMERICAN KICK YOUR ASS AND EAT YOU UP Bear !!!



Sounds like the 80's olympics!!

How big to PIGS get?? DUH!!!


Tuesday, April 19, 2005



We have a POPE!!!

Cool !!!


1) Altar boys with arm bands

2) Church processions with everybody GOOSESTEPPING in time


4) Re-Blaming the JEWS for Jesus' death

5) Beer and Pretzels instead of Bread and Wine

6) All the Italian shops near the Vatican switching from KIELBASI to KNOCKWURST

7) A CRUSADE in the future ( ethnic cleansing??? )

8) A new surge in IRON CROSS jewelry

9) The Popemobile with SKULL decals on it. ( SS Style )

10) The Pope wearing BLACK leather!!! and a hat with a peak in the front!!!


I think I miss ol' Kielbasi Karol !!!


Good Luck Dude and God bless ya!!!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Old People do OLD things


I think I hurt myself last week. Went to a political dinner and proceeded to purchase a package.

Not only did I consume enough to piss off the Boss, but I went out AFTER the affair to put the finishing touches on my "package".

Come Friday morning, not only did my body hurt, but by Friday evening my ears hurt from newsradio station W I F E, "the home of constant noise."

Luckily I was able to escape to CHARITYLAND for a few hours on Saturday to let things cool down. ( K of C Tootsie Roll Drive this weekend!!) It's not really a TOOTSIE ROLL drive, the entire state of NJ K of C's were out collecting funds to help the various retarded citizen programs that are operational in the state. e.g. SPECIAL OLYMPICS that is sponsored by the State K of C, and on the local level the home council's favorite charity is the BIC Brain Injured Children's Program that has been around doing good for the special folks for over 30 plus years.

The sunny weather this weeked helped cool down the domestic temperatures and voices are now multi-decibals lower than FRIDAY!!!

WOW, I'm supposed to know better!!


The pictures (CD) we received from North Carolina celebrating Christmas at Easter was a great collection of shots from both my ( actually the Boss' camera - Christmas gift 2003) camera and the lilly kids.

Super memory!!! This will truly be a treasure to reminisce,

if my days are going to be LONGER!!

Moral of the story... Don't drive with packages!! You might fall down and get hurt!!

Put your packages on at home OR Get that designated driver!!!

WOW again, it took 60 years to think of this!!!!


Thursday, April 07, 2005


I read the news today... OH BOY !!

So much for that..

Well .. maybe yes.. my life is something of a song.

I mean, no matter what happens, I still can whistle a happy tune.

Back from Mouseland, I see the kiddies are back doing their stuffs, the county survived,
it rained like hell, and the Boss is still talking to me.

Errr?? !! RAIN

I didn't see any posts from Dan the past few days so I really hope the water did not do too much damage this time around!! Still sucks though!!

AND... just to get me off my dead ass, I sees on Netscape about some dude in COLOMBIA is going to issue a COMIC book about my dead cousin KAROL !!

Check out "the Incredible Popeman".. GRRRRRRRR!!!

This pisses me off. Everybody knows that I'm a callous old fart and have a sensitivity level of negative 17 on a scale of 1 to 10 !!

How come nobody made comic books called " ASHMAN" you know, all those Jews from Hitlers ovens??

Or how about "SKINNYMAN" about all the starving people in the African plains???

Even PeeWee Herman is a lot more sensitive about stuffs than this dude!!

Hey Rodolfo Leon... EAT SHIT AND DIE !!! Now that's funny... make a comic book about you eating shit and dying!!!

To end this lousy topic I'll just finish up with ..Hey dude... YOU SUCK!

So back to the happy song life.. la-la-la-la-la !!

See, I'm happy !!


Again, I'm thinking about Dan with his "floaties" ( that really does sucks )

Saturday, April 02, 2005

God Bless Karol

Thank you Pope John Paul II !!

What else can I say?


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