Monday, November 28, 2005




That was the sound of the entire staff of PIEROGI MAKERS OF PORQLAND made late Saturday night, and all day Sunday.

Well, we set an all time high production count this time and I am NOT looking forward to try to break this record anytime in the near and distant future.

Again, the house is causing airplanes to drift off course because of all the tin-foil pierogi packages in the freezer ( COMSTOCK LOAD PART II ) .

Being a freak for tradition, I guess it was "FUN" to watch my son and daughter-in-law bust their butts doing the pierogi stuffs and they can truly appreciate the LABOR involved in creating such culinary delights. Maybe the kids will learn to "HORDE" their pier-dogs and try to make some on their own ( so I can mooch THEIR pier-dogs!!).

Still got some dough left so RAVIOLI's are on the agenda. ( I think I have 6 square inches of space in my freezer so WHAT THE HELL... throw out the OMAHA STEAKS to make room and Start up production!!)

Lilly kid and LOCUST will be here for Christmas so me and the Boss should have enough for the coming holiday.

Oh, by the way, did you know it is illegal to transport frozen pierogis from NJ to North Carolina?

I don't know if this is going to work, but maybe the kid grew up to be a law abiding citizen!!??!!

Get out the frying pans 'cause we're gonna do an ALTON BROWN...



Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It was 35 years ago today...

Yup.... 35 years ago today was my first day of basic training in Ft. Polk, LA.

It was here that I was being taught by professional, moral, and ethical KILLERS.

Reading the lilly kid's post made me wonder about the "Thou shalt not kill" stuffs.

5th commandment = sin!

I was lucky in 70 NOT to go to Nam, but I did fulfill my military obligation by serving my country in the service.

The "teachers" at Ft. Polk were seasoned instructors with "ACTUAL ON-THE JOB" experiences and they all collectively spoke of never seeing an atheist in a fox hole and having that glad feeling of seeing their "buddy" get a bullet through his head. Glad that it wasn't themselves!!

Now , I don't want to sound like God and judge people who should live or not, but Gooney -Goo Gus, we all know a list of scumbags that should be snuffed out and if you really think about it, we might be on somebody's list to be snuffed !!!

It always sucks to be somebody!!

Left Right

( a little backflash of cadence)

35 years ago today...... oh yeah something else happened then too!!

MAKES ME SMILE!!!!! Happy Birthday D-Man!!!

I was going to send a "birthday card" so I found this old UNO Gold 8 card and was set to mail it, but I left it home and it wouldn't arrive in time. STBY!!!


Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'M ALIVE !!!!!!!

Since we all just celebrated halloween with the spooks and monsters and what-have-you's.. I thought of the Frankenstein movie when one of the lab rats said, "IT"S ALIVE!!!".

Well , that's how I feel today. My presence on earth is acknowledged. I was going through my daily routine of checking out various blogs, AYERD,QUINN,CZE-J,MY DORMANT SON!!!, CAPT.BEE for the eye candy and stories of encounters and old married man can only dream about, and the Slacker,( my kind of guy because his philosophy is basically the same as mine when it comes to cleaning out the basement!!)

So, I'm checking out the above mentioned blogs when I spotted a link to the ol' porq barrel on the daily slackers post. COOL!!! I"M ALIVE!!!!

The peeps that tune into the lilly kid's blog down south are pretty cool people.

PLUS... it beats working from 6:45 to 2:30!!

Oh yeah BABY!!!

Oh another thing that gave me the giggles... I takes a look at the ol' credit card statement and it says that I'm gonna lose some points by the end of November.

???? Gooney-Goo Gus?? Whaassat??

Not being a credit card person and usually pay cash for almost 99% of my purchases, ..

I gives them a call and find out that for every 2500 points I can get $25 cash or a gift certificate to some store of my choice.. Hmmmmm..... I didn't know that!!

Bullshit... I told them to send me a $25 certificate to MACY'S so I can give it to the Boss.

Gotta start looking at the statements even if I have a $0.00 BALANCE.

Great.. more shit for me to do!!!


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