Monday, September 26, 2005

The Smell of MONEY?

Oh Boy, did you ever go to Mickey D's and pick up some stuffs to bring back for the kiddies?

The only person I knew of on earth who never had a McDonald was ADOLPH KUCHTA.
(God bless his penny-pinching soul)

Well anyway, Sunday me and the Boss gets the babysittin' call because the kids gotsta go to a wedding in POUGHKEEPSIE, (out of state!!).

Sunday was counting time under the church and being the new team captain ( by default, the first two captains died!!) I had to wait until the collection of the Noon mass and make the deposit.

OKAY.. no problem, Money's in the bank, keys are back in the church, counting room is all locked up, time to go babysit.

I stop at Casa de Porq and call to see if the Boss( she's there already.) needs anything on my trip north.


I zoom off to grandkid land stop at the local McD's for the grub.

GOD, I love this country!! If Mickey D is supposed to be AMERICAN, why the hell are all the employees at that location some type of Aztec, Inca, Mayan, or some other short lettuce picker??

English being the THIRD language spoken at this McD, needless to say with my hearing deficiency I did not know what the hell these short people were saying and the little bastards charged me for a double cheeseburger and never put it in the bag. GRRRR!!!

Well anyway, I rushed to the Grankids with the Happy McNuggets and stuffs and I was greeted at the door by a throng of children!!!!

Wait.. I only have three at this location and usually when Granpa shows up, they basically hide because I suck!!

BUT NOOOOOOOO!! All three came running to the door with hugs and kisses..!!

??? DUH?????

Maybe the kids are starting to like me??

Yeah, right... maybe the espanols will speak english!!

It's amazing what the smell of FRENCH FRIES does to a kid. If Freddy Kruger smelled like French Fries, everybody would run to him too!!

The kids hung around me all day and even the Boy sat next to me and like laid down on me!!

I'm not taking a bath!! Gotsta keep that smell!!


Friday, September 16, 2005


Did you ever feel like that rabbit that runs around all over the place from Alice in Wonderland?


I gots stuffs to do!!!

1) September already... I should be done making out the 2006 billings for the club - NOT!!

2) Football season started.. My camera and equipment( field jacket, rain gear, gloves, etc.) should ready for the elements - NOT!!

3) Flying off for Lilly lilly kid's birthday.. Didn't even THINK about what to pack, much less what to pack it in!

4) Tony the Limo driver didn't call yet to confirm my trips to La Guardia AND BACK AGAIN!!

5) Planning on coming in late Monday so I could walk the first born's first born to school. - Who's gonna make coffee for the BIG GUY????

6) Being the SOB that I am, I enjoy walking the kids to school on the first day. I did it with Man-Kai and Lilly and Gramma CZ was always there to take pictures of the kids in their 1st day school clothes. I dunno, maybe being a grandparent gives you the right to be a pain in the ass but I still enjoy the fact that KIDS HATE SCHOOL and walking them there is a sadistic punishment for them by making the kids go into that place of HORRORS!!

7) Maybe the kids think it's cool that granpa likes them and wants to walk to school with them? I dunno.. but since I did it in the past and my mother did it, what the hell... my kids didn't turn out that bad so maybe the grankids won't turn out so bad if these little shittin' things mean anything in their character building.

8) Maybe I'm buttering up the grankids to fetch beers for me??? You know I like to be SERVED!! ( always tastes better when someone else prepares or does something that you don't have to!! )

9) My Fantasy Race stats are going down the tubes!! OUCH!!

Oh Yeah... I have some tickets for the 250 million lottery tonight so this may be my last post until I hire some writers to BLOG for me.

One can only hope!!


Monday, September 12, 2005

Dead is DEAD


What's the difference between a person who was killed by a drunk driver and a person who was killed by a 9/11 attack?

Other than some pile of government sympathy money, tons of media exposure, uhhh.. I guess the bottom line is


Gooney Goo GUS!!

Just in Hometown, USA there is a place where they actually bury dead bodies!!!
Imagine that!! DEAD BODIES!!! Nobody is sending tons of money to the survivors of the dead people that are buried here.

I don't believe in predestination but Jesus H. Christ!!!

The Big Guy upstairs says , "HEY!! Commere!!" That's it Dude!! POOF!! DONE!! FINI !!

I don't know when or where I will die

but I do know there will be no television special on all the networks

or bells ringing at different times of the day

or even if anybody will actually give a shit!!

Money hungry bleeding heart bastards!!

What if they called it PEARL HARBOR?

Would the families get a nice piece of change from the government?

Brother Roy taught his kids a valuable lesson.

Hey New York City, Pentagon People, and you guys out in the fields of Pennsy!!

THE PEOPLE ARE DEAD!!! You are NOT. Be happy it's not your ass that was snuffed!

( Thank you Fox Hole Mentality 101 - Fort Polk, LA )

9/11 .... is that somebody's birthday? Maybe we can have a beer and smile?


Thursday, September 01, 2005


Oh boy,

If it rains in Hometown, USA........

will the locals LOOT?

FACT - New Orleans is pretty much screwed. ( Water damage, surge destruction, dead bodies trapped in buildings, smashed structures from looters, etc. etc. etc.)

FACT - Nuclear explosions cause a tremendous amount of heat. Nuke New Orleans to dry it up and get rid of the looters, level the damaged buildings, dispose the dead bodies (New ones and the ones that floated up from the cemetaries) and give future looters something to think about.

FACT - The Ol' Porq is pretty sick!!

FACT - It's Happy September Everybody!!! Did everyone go to the September Eve party that was held at their local pubatoriums????

FACT - Football season started. Two scrimmages under the belt and the season starts next Friday!! YAHOOOOOO!!!!! (Extra chips for Porq to play with!!)

FACT - It's gotta suck down in Lousy-anna! Poor bastards!!

FACT - Some people STILL don't like the RED CROSS because of the way they treated the soldiers in Korea. ( Old people don't forget shit like that, names, where they live, other stuffs they forget, but being treated like shit during the Korean War, they DON'T forget.)

FACT - It always sucks to be somebody!!

FACT - It's NOT between 4 and 5 AM and I'm wishing all the "Loved Ones" a Happy Anniversary!

FACT - I just found out today that Cousin Wayne's Daughter just passed her CPA tests.

FACT - The boss starts school today with the lilly kids. Hello tension!!


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