Monday, May 31, 2004


5:30 A.M. POW POW POW !!!

I love it. Every Memorial Day the Sayreville VFW and American Legion go to various cemetaries throughout town and offer a salute to their comrades. If you pay attention, you can hear them also play TAPS after their salutes. If you live in Sayreville proper, you can hear them maybe twice or at three different locations as they travel to the various stops.

Thanks America !!

These guys and gals busted their hump and some lost their lives so we, the populace, can enjoy everything we do today. Even the multi-linguistic, counter-culture immigrants get to do what they want, and USUALLY DEMAND that we, the Stupid, Liberal, Pacifistic, Wussy government lets these ungrateful bastards get their fill because it's politically correct or it wouldn't be nice that these POOR people have to suffer in our GREAT LAND.

BULL !!! Where were all the bullshit lawyers when my grandparents came to USA?? Back in those days, If you didn't work, you didn't eat !!! DIE SUCKER !!!! Bring back James Monroe!!!

If we have the strongest military, the most resources, the most trigger-happy boys (locals from below the Mason-Dixon Line), WHY DON'T WE JUST TAKE WHAT WE WANT and give the rest of the world a finger???

We did it to the Indians !!! Maybe all the kids in USA should play COWBOYS and TERRORISTS or COWBOYS and COMMIES or COWBOYS and OPECS ?????

Have a Hot Dog, drink a beer, and watch the lily kids. GOD, What a country !!!


Wednesday, May 26, 2004

What to do????

Oh-boy... I gots me a blog spot. I really enjoy tuning into the Dan man and the Bone to see and "hear" whats happening in the lives of these "notorious" men. Guess what?? I'm a little jealous that these guys have archives, links, to-go hit spots, etc. on their blogs and I'm still just typing away to an empty screen to see if it really matters.(actually it does... the boss sees me typing at one of my PC's and thinks "He's doing a wonderful job" yeah right!!) BUT NOW WHAT????

The Boneman said he would help me out with some of this stuffs, but he's busier than a ONE-ARMED PAPER HANGER!!!

Now I see about adding Photos to blogs and my lily kid out west had a website that she posted pictures, and party stuffs and all kinds of cool junk. BUT NOT ME !!!!

Damn!! I'll just type away until the Boneman shows up in the COUNTY and gives me a break.

Oh incidently, I was referred to by some of the local politicos as a PIG, or one of the PIGS getting fat because of local politics. They (the offended political faction) must really know about me... THE ORIGINAL PORQUEAD !!!


Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Mr. Chips Rides Again

Yaba- Daba - Dooo !!! The Boss heard she is gonna work next year. Yahooooo !!! Come September after moving boxes of educational material from one floor to another and re-arranging stuffs in a new "old" 1st Grade, the Boss will take control over the lives and destinies of a bunch of lily kids instilling the fear of GOD and hoping to teach the little "DARLINGS" that school is good, homework is good, learning is good, being good is good. All the basic stuffs that "REAL" parents are supposed to teach their "DARLINGS" but somehow fail to do because, just because. WHATEVER !!! But anyway what does this all mean??

19 checks to be handed over to the betterment of the PORQUEAD PAYS THE BILLS FUND and you know good ol' Johnny Bupalini skims some of that stuffs for good times !!

So, let's kill the fatted calf and have a beer, or some biblical reference like that. Oh yeah, Ascension Thursday is coming so... things will be looking up! Get it??
Lookin up !!!


Monday, May 17, 2004

On The Seventh Day - He Rested

Oh boy!! I took my shower and got rid of the stink and all the rest of the week-end stuffs (church, visit JTA, stop at the club for ice, send out the Chip foundation stuffs and get ready for whatever).

Being a good NON-Islam-o-dude, I hit the beads on sunday talking to the BIG GUY about various things I cannot control
(Health for the kids, grandkids, a pox on my low life white trash neighbor- another saturday night of fireworks!!, and just a plea to maintain my happiness) whatever !!!

But anyway, here I am, back at work, sitting in new clean gotchies and getting ready for the work week.

Okay, that's done... Now I can REST!!!! yeah I suck, but they pay me well!!! Who said there ain't no GOD ???


Saturday, May 15, 2004

Save The World ???

Saturday !! The wonderful time of the week when all pencil pushing, pocket protector geeks get to go outside and do their stuffs !!! Yeah, yeah, me too !! Cut the grass, do the trimming, pick up the dead leaves, etc. etc. etc. oh yeah.. wash the car, etc. Okay !! You're gonna get all sweated up doing this stuffs RIGHT??? So what do you do??? You get up Saturday morning, take your shower, put on clean gotchies, and off you go ... to the magic land of sweat and toil!!
Here we go... after you finished your chores (goofing around outside), maybe sneeking off to the local pub-a-torium to replenish your fluids, you end up stinking like an illegal immigrant picking lettuce for four days. NOW WHAT??? ya got'sta take a shower to get the stink off you!!!!

SAVE THE WORLD !!! 1) Don't take the morning shower 2) Don't change your gotchies 3) Don't shave or wash your face !!

BENEFITS = 1) You just saved 1/8 of your water consumption of the week by not showing.
2) You will save 1/8 of your laundry load by not putting on clean clothes to get them dirty.
3) You will probably odiferously violate all who you come in contact with, and yourself, making them feel good about themselves that THEY DON"T STINK that bad !!
4) When you do shower at the end of your toils.. you can enjoy the feeling of not just getting something done , but the really important thing is that you will be happy that you don't stink anymore. Now being happy is what this whole thing is about... ?? yes?? NO??? Whatever... but you will be SAVING THE WORLD maybe just a little in your mind !!!


Thursday, May 13, 2004

Porq Stuffs

Hey everybody !!! The Porq is on the LOOSE !!! If this blog works.... I really SCARE ME !!!! Everything was going fine until the Bone called and said first born number two is in trouble. What a way to get involved with computers!!

So here goes... I don't know how to hook up with anybody but like I said... Here goes !!!


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