Saturday, May 20, 2006


Overnight sleep ok! The rascals were up and running around by 6:15 AM.

Made a batch of banana pancakes and a second batch of strawberry pancakes which were totally consumed by 6:59 AM.

Oh shit, it's gonna be a long day!!

Couple hours of toys and videos and TV got us to lunch with some plain jelly on toast and a peanut butter jelly on toast and the boy ate a banana..!??...

Ok kiddies time to rock. We loaded up the green machine and headed over to the Hometown First Aid Rescue demonstrations at the Emergency Squads' location. Since we were going to the First Aid people's house, I might as well drop off my donation and save the postage. The Squad members who looked at the check gave the Boy a stuffed teddy bear that they were hocking to raise funds. COOL!!! uhhh WAIT, I gots two other grandkiddies.... ehhhhhh..the Boss shows up with the two girls in tow and we head over to where the bears were... " AND SIGN SAYS YOU GOT TO HAVE MEMBERSHIP CARD TO GET INSIDE" or something like that .. or actually " all donations over $20.00 will receive a stuffed bear..." so me digs in the pocket and yank out 40 fazoolas to make the girls smile.

Hmmm.. if I brought my check book, I could have written a check and claimed the donation on my taxes... damn... I'll do it anyway!! F IRS!!

So we does the First Aid scene with County Emergency Vehicles and Super big Rescue Trucks from North Brunswick and a load of other ambulances and the Police DARE-mobile all shiny'ed up for public viewing. NOT BAD so far.. they even had some dude selling hot dogs off a pushcart and the kids each inhaled one plain dog. COOL.

They were giving away door prizes and the Boss won a 2 lb cookie tray from a local bakery which was next door to a RITA'S ice store.

NEXT STOP... RITA'S!! Oh yeah.. the Boss had three free gimme tickets for some italian ice so this didn't cost anything and me and the Boss finished what the kids didn't. PLUS I got the cookies from the bakery!! FREE!!!!!

ALL ABOARD... WALMART here we come.

We pushed the basket around the Wal and ending up around 120 in the hole. We got stuffs.

Loaded up the green machine with the stuffs and headed home.

Unloaded the van and put the Met game on!!! Hey 9th inning Mets 4, Yankees 1, Billy Wagner pitching... COOL I thought. I saw the walk, the hit batsman and the blown double play attempt. SCORE TIED!!

JUST THEN... one of the grandkids says, "GRAMPA, all the other kids have somebody to play with cause they're blowing bubbles with Gramma. Will you please play with me?"


Had a great time playing catch, soccer, chase the ball and Monkey in the middle, bubbles and whatever with the kiddies.

I finally find out after supper that the Mets lost and I also lost my 2006 NASCAR pin to celebrate NASCAR Day, but I still have the backing clasp for the LOST lapel pin.

Kids are just about finished with showers and baths and I think the Boss will retire the younguns early. Not that they are tired... WE NEED THE REST!! oh yeah, maybe their gums hurt so I can rub some Jezynowka to relieve the pain( or knock 'em out!!)

All this fun and I didn't have to drive 600 miles one way!! What a NASCAR day!!

More tomorrow when we go to church and then some!!!


Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's PAYDAY??? ... ALREADY?????

Good grief!! Time certainly flies by 'cause it's payday again.

Oh Damn!! Another trip to the bank!!

Sign my long name!!!

Weigh myself down with wads of cash!!

Damn,, doesn't anybody feel sorry for me???

Well, you know it always sucks to be somebody!!!

STOP!!! Don't tell me about direct deposit!!

If I had direct deposit , how can I get out of the house to go to the bank and see the "LADIES"???? and maybe make a side trip to Johnny's???? or just disappear from the Boss for a few hours on a regular schedule?????

I push enough buttons during the day without having to push more buttons on ATM's or whatever the hell you call those machines that give you back YOUR money 'cause you have direct deposit??


Oh, and Johnny Bupalini feels the same way too!!


Side note.... I wanted to sneak down to NASCARLAND for the All Star Race ..BUT

the Boss signed us up to baby sit the kiddies this weekend because of a MAN-KAI In-law wedding or something..

Soooooo.. that means I don't drive down to Carolina to see the race.. or members of family down there BUT..

my car passed Inspection, so I'm free to zoom around for another 2 years endangering the lives of all who leave their homes!! heh-heh-heh-heh-heh

REMEMBER... May 20th - NASCAR DAY ... Drive fast and turn left!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

When are Kids NOT Kids?

Damn.. I'm only twelve years old, but reading the blogs of the chilluns make me and the world see that the kids ain't kids no more!!

Hell.. they can say FULL sentences!!!

Yowser yowser... reading the blogs is definately PONDEROUS!!!

The kid asked me in her blog what I didn't say to my folks before their passing...

eh... probably that I didn't say how much I realized how much THEY sacrificed for me and my brother. But now that they are gone, I can see that they instilled their sense of duty and love to their family in how I try to treat my kids and hope they learn the same lessons I learned from my folks.

Simple, hard working folks who really gave a damn that tried their best. That's a hell of an epitath.

Do I regret my not saying things to my folks? NO!!!

If they didn't know that I loved them and appreciated all they did for me and my brother, well .. it sucks to be them. I know my kids love me and the Boss so..

gooney goo gus!! I'm not a mushy hearts and flowers dude!

Kid - " Eh hey I love you!"
Porq - " Good! get me a beer!"

Is there anything else??? I know, you know, the Boss knows, the kids know, and



Monday, May 01, 2006


So here we are.. the first of May and what to my wondering eyes should appear...

A bunch of illegals that are not supposed to be here PROTESTING by NOT WORKING!!

I've been in this country for a couple of years now and I seem to remember that MAY DAY, you know May First was always a big whoop-die do in Russia for all the Commie Bastards to march around with their tanks and rocket launchers and weapons of mass destruction to show that THEY are the tough guys on the block by standing in a mirror and flexing their muscles.

I'm talking MACHO stuffs.

So anyway, if the freggin' Commies did all their stuffs on MAY DAY and these illegal people who are living in the good ol' USA want to protest and MARCH on MAY DAY...


If it does, we should round up this scummy red horde and burn their bodies like fossil fuel.. just for the sake of good ol' USA.

I like it here and I don't protest.(except when I get bad service in a restaurant or gin mill) I might sneak out of work every now and then and "MOVE MY CAR" but God Damn Sam.. it's the best place to be!!

Cinco de Count-down has started!!


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