Thursday, August 18, 2005


Oy -VAY!!!

Did I just hear something!!!

You should hear what I just heard!!!

MAN-KAI - Son of Dan just told me that he was "let go" from his job.

MAN-KAI - Son of Dan just told me that he was starting work next Tuesday.


Apples don't fall far from the trees. I don't like telling bad news either.

After this soul retching revelation, I was also informed about the Hot Water heater( I knew about this one - thanks Nephew Rich) , the refrigerator leaking water into the freezer, the brakes going bad on the Windstar, (PADS & ROTORS), and a few bad tires while the car was on the lift, and the battery on the Taurus died....

and probably more shit that I don't remember what he told me...!!!


Uhhh... who said "When it rains, It pours?" besides Morton's salt???

I think I'll just stick around Hometown, USA and listen to the Boss get Psyched-up for school.

Oh yeah, gotta go to a birthday party in September( NC to be exact) and see the lilly kid WALK.

Football starts next week and I'm all psyched!!


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Here we go again!!!


...and the living is easy."

HA !!!

Not if you're married to a Catholic schoolteacher!!!

Public schools vs. private schools NO BIG DEAL!!

You have great teachers in both systems...

along with some ... eh.. how you say? ... "CHECK CASHERS!!"

Enough said about teachers, but Holy Jumpin' Bejesus!! The drama involved with rumors concerning that one or this one, or she's going here, and he's going there, and they're getting paid so much, etc. etc. etc.

The Boss didn't leave the house all summer ( involving school that is!! ) and was the center of at least two juicy gossip stories having her banished to the dungeons of the church to getting fired!

Some people are NOT happy unless they're talking about somebody!!

What does this have to do with PORQUEAD???

It causes a distraction so I can hide and do my disappearing acts.

I'm sorry to announce that the basement is NOT cleaned out yet, but I'm working on it...


it's getting to be FOOTBALL TIME!!!

I got the camera out. I'm discharging the batteries, charging the batteries. I ordered another battery for back-up power ( in case I have to shoot a game or scrimmage without any power supply), loaded up a stack of blank tapes, getting ready to print labels for the season tapes and also jumped right in with the K of C stuffs I normally do!!

OH BOY!!! I'm having a lot of fun!! Oh yeah, just remembered that we have to go to a wedding this weekend. Weather reports say it should be nice (NO RAIN) so anyway, I'll get the usual, "DON'T ACT LIKE A JERK" speech from the Boss and maybe hire a taxi to take us home.. NAW.. just kidding.. I'll probably throw down a few but keep control ... maybe!!

The Lilly kid was reported taking steps, so the valuables just moved up to higher shelves and locations in the house.



Thursday, August 04, 2005

Nice Guys Finish LAST!!

Amen Brothers!!

If you go travelling down the highway and you're doing , eh.. maybe 10 miles over the limit, and you got your cruise control humming away, staying to the right except to pass ...

and don't it just piss you off when some dork rides up in the left doing maybe 2 mph more than you but manages to block you in when you want to pass a car going slower than you in the right lane and the rotten bastard just sits there in the left lane, taking their sweet ass ol' time passing you, or maybe even slowing down a little to stay with you... GRRRRRR!!

These are the seeds that are planted for "ROAD RAGE!!!!! "

I gotsta get me a biscuit so I can cap a few asses that really deserve it.!!!!

I mean, you don't have to kill the stupid bastard, just put a cap in his car, break a window, hole in the door, whatever.. to wake his miserable ass up and pull his head out of his ass and drive the damn car!!!

Other than that, I love everybody!!!

A buncha crap is goin' on so me and the Boss are just sittin' tight to see which way the flows gonna go!!

Tell everybody I said, HELLO!!


oh yeah, when you don't weave in and out of traffic and basically do the limits, you get there, but a lot of people got there before you!! ???

Does that mean anything???

Monday, August 01, 2005

Here We Go Again!!


Hope everyone had a super August Eve Party last night!!!

We're now getting ready for the trip in September to see the lilly kid.

We booked a hotel already and I've been hitting the US AIRWAYS site every day waiting for the prices to drop.. NO LUCK so far.

The big problem right now is to convince the Boss to fly out of La Guardia.

Reason EWR to CLT roundtrip = $741.00
LGA to CLT roundtrip = $371.00

uhhhh.. I'm not the most dumbest guy on earth but I see like an almost DOUBLE price to fly out of Newark.

I'm gonna pay Tony the Limo driver the same to get to LaGuardia as I would to get to Newark and the same price coming back so the distance between home and airport is negligible, other than travel time in the van!!


I gotta work on the Boss!! ( I'm talking the price of one point eight cases of JACK !!)

Maybe she'll become economically reasonable about her insistance about NOT flying out of LGA.

I can only hope!!

Oh yeah, I heard from my nephew about hot water heaters failing when we were down in Carolina.

It always sucks to be somebody!!


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