Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Time!!

Oh boy!!




anda few stops to the local drinkatorium!!

The house is full of kids, my kids, my kids kids, my kids friends.

Perogis, kielbasi, fried ham, SUPER potato salad, macaroni salad, white meat turkey, gravy, stuffing, swedish meatballs, italian meatballs,,,,, and all kinds of desserts.

Somebody brought over an apple-cranberry pie. MMMMMM- Good! Just like Campbells soup.

I still have some of Joyce's pumpkin loaf. MMMMMM- Good! Just like Campbells soup.

The boss did all the cooking and I did the dishes. Now everybody is crashing in the living room and dining room so I tip-toed to the basement to get away and blog and share the greatness of the season.

Happiness and peace brothers!!


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Oopps!! I was wrong!


I am embarassed!! I thought I was locked out at work.

I just used up my websense time for "BOARDS & BULLSHIT STUFFS".

So, I have to limit my time reading other people's blogs and comments etc. etc., so I can get on the system to say my stuffs!!


The lilly kid is coming to town, you better not cry, you better not shout


I can't wait to sing "SWEET BABY JESUS" to lilly Rhena... or maybe ..

"PORK FISH PIE" another holiday favorite!!

Oh boy oh boy.. it's most wonderful time of the year!!


Thursday, December 15, 2005


I have been websensed, or webcents, or somekind of web-shit!!

I can't get to blogspot in work anymore!!!

What am I supposed to do from 6:30 AM 'til 2:15 PM??????

I might as well retire!!!


I'm not quitter!!!

I'll tough it out or maybe payoff somebody in IT to loosen up my line...

HMMMMMMMM!!!!! Sounds like a plan.

Until I get cooking at work again, all future posts will be from home ... LATE!!!!

A woeful OINK!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Birthday!!!

HB Troy Boy!!!

I took today off to put up the Christmas tree, but the snow that came in the early hours put me behind schedule a little bit.

I feel funny because I'm blogging and I'm NOT at work!!



Thursday, December 08, 2005

Another Day After Wednesday


I'm ALIVE!!!

No biggie last night... BUMPER NIGHT ( 1st place plays 2nd place head to head) 3rd place plays 4th, etc. etc.

We took 5 out of 7 points and that makes me happy because I shot like crap but the other team shot POOP-IER!!!

Another victory last night with the league money man.. I stated that I had paid in advance one week early in the season, he said " NO!!"

grrr... I'm not cheap, but god damn sam!! I don't like to be cheated out of money and if I did pay and did not properly mark the sheets than I'm pissed at myself for being stupid ( again)

well anyway, sure as shittin' , I told him to look around the 10/24 scores sheets and lo and behold..

right next to the CHUCK was " 10 PD ".

MIRABILE DICTU !!!! Thank you Sister Anna David - Homeroom Sophomore year.

I was going to blog last night when I first came home from Darts ( early this time) and I started to go off on the JAPS for Pearl Harbor, but I screwed up the blog and deleted a large portion because I was screwing around with the fonts and bold and italics .. whatever but it got screwed up so I deleted the whole damn thing and went to bed.

Thanks to the ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE, MARINES, COAST GUARD, and NATIONAL GUARDS for serving our country!!


oh boy... the lilly kid is coming to town and the other lillies will be together for CHRISTMAS..


People don't have a problem hollerin' out when they're pissed' "JESUS CHRIST!!!" well..

SAY Christ when you're talking about the season, Jesus is reason for the season season!!

oh yeah I already OINK'ed

Thursday, December 01, 2005

December Eve is OVER


What a party last night!!

I hope all of you had a great December Eve last night 'cause the ol' PORQ did the ol' party hearty trick, and I had lots of reasons to celebrate.

1) December only comes around once a year, so WHY NOT CELEBRATE?

2) The boss' school project went well with her 1st graders doing the readings at a special Mass.

3) I found out that I overpaid some employees and now I have to take the money back... JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! ( some people think I enjoy being a prick... heh-heh-heh-heh.. if they only knew!!!)

4) Before I went to "DARTS" the Boss wished me well and asked what time would I be home. I said probably around 9 but didn't show up until 11!! eh... I ran late!!!

5) Our dart team swept 7 games.

6) I collected chips for the CHIP FOUNDATION so I can get the funds to the proper recipients of the Charity Helping Individual People fund.

7) I did a few "snowshoes" last night and I remembered how nice the VO mixes with the 100 proof peppermint schnapps.. it slides down real easy!!

8) And since people wished me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I had a few beers!!

I can't wait for February EVE!!! The one in between Dec & Feb is for amateurs... the silly boneheads who have a few drinks and put lampshades on their heads and blow horns and jump up and down at midnight. ??? I don't get it???? Why celebrate only once a year??? JERKS!!!

Well anyway, here we are ... DECEMBER!! Oh boy it's gonna be fun to celebrate another Birthday and what really got me going this morning ( other than the pain of multi-doses of stuffs last night) is reading a blog and a person out in TEXAS wished my lilly kid a happy too-ahhh!
It makes me feel good that people like my kids and somewhere in the back of my brainbone, me and the boss did a good job bringing the kids up. COOL! Ya bust yer butt hollerin', worrying, and trying to make the little suckers grow up good and check it out, 30 plus years later the kids are cool!! (The Boss did a DAMN good job!! - I just taught them how to spit!!)

Happy Birthday to EVERYBODY!!!


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