Sunday, April 22, 2007

Oh What A NIght!

Went to a wedding on Saturday and missed all the sporting events of the day.

Rundown - Mets WON, Yanks lost, NASCAR raced, Got some points, Devils maybe played??

Well anyway, the wedding was a nice affair and they had a wedding singer(s) actually two.. a guy and a girl with a sound system (DJ equipment) and sitting at the tables we thought of MILLI VANILLI. These people were so good that you thought it was a recording but they were actually singing. COOL!! Real talents!!

So what do you have at an Italian Groom, Scotish Bride's wedding ?????


The boss' knees were hurtin' and the Bride's mother came up to me when they started to play a Polka and said I HAD to dance!!

Luckily, sitting at the table were professional dance instructors, so one of them said they would dance with me.

Now I haven't danced in quite a while ( other than trying to get away from some stuffs the Boss wants me to do ) and this instructor said that she hasn't danced with a partner in a long time too ( she stands in front of the class giving instructions!!)

Well they played five POLKAS strung together and somewhere during the fourth song the legs gave way, right along with my breath, and my back!!

BUT.. I didn't step on her toes once!! or bump into any other dancers out there.!!

Yeah.. I Hurt!! So I made a promise to do some exercises, stretching, jumping jacks, body twists, etc so I'm gonna start by WALKING to the bar instead of driving!!

God, what I do for my family!!

Oh another highlight of the wedding was they had two bagpipers playing in front of the church before the Nuptual Mass and after the ceremony and the BRIDE'S FATHER WORE A KILT to walk his daughter down the aisle!


Being Polish, I wore a bowling shirt for my daughter's wedding so it makes sense to me!!


Saturday, April 21, 2007


Oy VEY!!!!

I got the Boss to go to a doctor and she actually went for X-rays on her knees!!


Things are pretty quite in PORQLAND and we are getting ready for the May invasion.

The lilly kid is coming up for a 1st Communion with rest of the tribe and will stay for a few days.

This should prove very interesting for the Boss who is "DOCTORING" now, ( Cholesterol pills, blood pressure pills AND ME!!) to be chasing the other lilly lilly kids around and doing a few rounds of "DIRTY" diapers!!

Thank God for Middlesex County where I can sneak off and pretend to work to get out of some kind of work detail the Boss will find for me to do during the stay.

Maybe go in for half days and be home for lunch??? Hmmmmm???

Naw! I'm not gonna hide, I just like getting up early and getting out of the house so I can STOP somewhere before I come home!!

Well anyway, the Boss is trying to be good for her "DOCTORING" so the Ol' Porq actually put down the salt shaker!! Did you feel the ground shake???

The big thing on the menu so far is GRILLED CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD with crushed red peppers instead of salt!! I have a habit of picking up shakers and automatically covering my plate with STUFFS!! Maybe the crushed red peppers will work??

I even stopped eating pizza five times a week!!

If I start to get get too healthy, maybe I'll challenge Dan and Bill to a run!!! and don't show up like Derek did a few years ago!! ( It's a family thing!!)

Who wants to be an IRONMAN if the New Brunswick Elks have $1.50 cans of Bud and Coors Light for sale?? I'll be an ALUMINUM MAN!!!


Saturday, April 07, 2007

What's My Password???

This new dag nab fangled stuffs - AGAIN!!!

I tried to make a comment on Rachie's blog to thank her for the birthday acknowledgement, but I couldn't remember my password or this new user name crap for new blogger so I couldn't say anything.. GGGRRRRRRR!!!!!

I figured I would try again today using the OLD ( user friendly) BLOGGER and see what happens..

Well, I signed on but I didn't write my user name down for the new stuffs so ...



Sunday, April 01, 2007

Creak.. Groan... Moan


The sounds of getting old!!

I got a call on my birthday and I was congratulated to making it into my teens.

I quickly returned the call and informed them that I'm still 12.


Sometimes being Polish pays off!!


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