Wednesday, June 28, 2006

On your Mark, Get Set...

Oh Boy, we're getting ready to GO!!

The boss wants to go down to see the Lilly kid. Hey!! What ever the boss wants.. etc. etc. etc.

The only problem is getting there.

600 miles at 600 MPH = 1 hour travel time.

600 miles at 60 MPH = 10 hours travel time.

Now follow this logic, the faster you travel, the shorter the time span require to travel that distance. DUH!!!

The boss goes bonkers when we drive to church on Sunday mornings ( Distance from house to church = 413 steps!! but we drive anyway!!) now mathematically convert
413 steps to 600 miles and think of the "PLEASURE" we are going to have driving to the Kid's house!!

Now if I can get an eight track tape of Led's Whole Lotta Love and Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody playing continuously for 600 miles, I'm sure the boss will want me to SPEED!!! (giggle- giggle a memorable event driving the Kid to school in Florida!!)

Almost a Phase II belly buster but that's another story from the past!!


Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Wow, everyday I amaze myself with the shallowness of the inhabitants of earth!!

I myself am probably in the thick of those masses, but Jumpin' Jeebers Johnny, I DON'T walk around looking for pity or extra attention because of a mishap.

People should NOT be cuddled, coddled?? because of a misfortune. HEY!! SHIT HAPPENS!

When are people going to learn to wipe their own ass after a shitty deal??

The Pilgrims came to New England and screwed the natives and fought and starved and put up with a lot of bullshit. The ones that lived became stronger!!

California and Alaska gold rushes - people looking for fortunes perished in the wilderness, either by elements or stupidity!! WHATEVER!!

World War I - eh.. I think a few people died in Europe during that one.

World War II - eh.. let's see, the Japs helped a few people to the promise land and our boys in the Pacific helped a few of them honor their Emperor.

Oh, Don't forget about the Bataan Death March, or even the group that got smoked in Hiroshima and Nagasaki!!

In Europe and Africa, a few band-aids were distributed because people were getting hurt


Wait... did somebody say it was a picnic up in the hills of Korea during the winter??

Didn't this add a few toe tags to list of " FALLEN HEROES?"

How about " HELL NO, WE WON"T GO!!!" and the boys that turned into men from Vietman or the boys that turned into dust from Vietman???

Everyone of the people who died in the history of our country must have been ORPHANS!

No Family, no matter, just bury the bastards!! BUT TODAY.....

Oh the poor poor families of the victims in 9-11!!!



Death is death and it sucks. People should get off their sorry asses and get up and

L I V E !!!!

Good o' Uncle Sam taught me a lesson down in Fort Polk, Lousy-anna.

You hate to see your foxhole buddy get shot in the head, BUT you're glad it wasn't YOU!!

Let's go troops.. pick up your guns and get back into the battle of LIFE.

JEEZ... some people!!!

I dunno???


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Will Sandwichman Fly Again??

Today was the official last day for SANDWICHMAN!!

The cape will be carefully put away.

Oh !! Where did the years from 1975 go??

The PBJ's, the ham and cheeses, the Schickhaus bologna's????

The invention of the Martin's Potato roll, mayo, lettuce, imported ham( sliced thin), Gulden's mustard, Clausen's pickle, Hormel Hard salami, Gulden's mustard, white american cheese, Gulden's mustard on the other side of the Martin's Potato roll.

Roast beef on potato roll with a spoon full of Ma's potato salad and SALT.

Or how about Ma's meatballs ( red or brown) on a potato roll??

Off into the sunset ( or sunrise??) Sandwichman leaves the scene..

maybe to return on a Grandkid overnight???

I miss him already, 'cause I'm HUNGRY!!


Friday, June 09, 2006

The Octave of End

Eight days and the fat lady sings. Some will hear the song as a happy tune while others will hear the blues.

How can one person have so many mixed emotions about one thing and all of them are TRUE???

Listening to the "Litany of the End" and various war stories of her fellow workers and the buzz that this is creating makes me laugh that the soon to be be former management is not revealing the fact that the Boss is hanging up her chalk, erasers and pointer to be a full time GRANDMA.

Not to be disrespectful to her employer, but when work gets out that Mrs. C will NOT be there any longer, a few parents will be saddened. I thank them for their support to the boss and any teacher who really gives a hoot about education other than just a means of obtaining a paycheck.

So no more hallways ringing with the tune of "I'll beat you with a stick" where the students come running smiling for hugs, no more stories about our kids to make the 1st graders feel important, and just no more loving to a profession that was wanted since the second grade many years ago.

It will be gone...


If she is to get a "watch" for her "retirement", it would have to be BIG BEN in comparison for her love and dedication to teaching.

Now this is pretty mushy from a grouchy old fart like me but, God Damn Sam..




Thursday, June 01, 2006

A New day is A-Coming

Well boys and girls, the Boss gave her notice that she is not going back to work in September. No more pencils, no more books!! etc.,etc.,etc.

Mama's gonna be cool and do an ALFRED E. NEUMAN, "What me worry?"

You know this is going to cut in on the lifestyle of the rich and famous, but Gloria Gaynor said, "I'LL SURVIVE!!"

I'm happy for the Boss because she is happy!!

It's good to see her smile again!!!


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