Sunday, November 18, 2007



In my last post I was supposed to say "How do you "SAY" pasta in Italian?"

Big Dummy... saying How do to you Pasta in Italian??

That didn't make sense.

Well anyway..

We is back and the laundry is done and we're going back out!!

CARRIELAND .... Here we come!!

Saw just too much in Italy and was truly impressed with slave labor and what can be accomplished!!

The buildings, ruins, monuments, everything... WOW!!! and CHIEF... we DID have a GREAT TIME... Thanks.

I guess if they had MTV in those days, the true artisans would have been punk rockers or rappers instead of MASTER CRAFTSMEN!!

They didn't put a man on the moon, or create a MICROCHIP!! SO THERE!!

It was really too much to comprehend with all the wonders that man created with such limited tools and equipment at that point in time.

To see the ruins from LONG TIME AGO and remember about that time from the histroy books.

WOW!! That's all I can say.

SO... watch out South.. Here we come for the Birthday Party!!

Will the Moose pick the rosary, the hammer, the dollar, or the shot glass?



Wednesday, November 07, 2007



Count down to Italy!

Just when I could say "LIRA" they change the bucks to EUROS!!!

I'm gonna love it. The Boss is worried that I'll get shot for just being me. ( Makes sense!!)

I'm gonna be good. I promise!

The Boss is gonna have a GREAT TIME .. and I'm planning on doin' a "little" walking around,
except in VENICE!!!

git it?? water.... can't walk! git it??

If I learn how to post pictures I will. I needed a new memory chip for the Boss' camera and for 120 bucks I could get an OUTDATED memory card that would hold only 100+ pictures.

GRRRR!! I spend 150 bucks for a brandy new camera with two 2 gig chips that each hold a 1000+ pictures so I think I'm set for Rome , Florence and Venice and maybe a shot of the Munich Airport!!

How do you PASTA in Italian??


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