Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Okay BOYS & GIRLS, get your party hats ready for tonight's celebration.


I don't want to hear about any of the pagan behavioral patterns during Mardi Gras, or Shrove Tuesday, or FAT TUESDAY..



If you really think about it, in 31 days it'll be APRIL EVE!!!

I don't want to wait so long so I'm gonna celebrate today !!

Maybe I'll give up NON-CELEBRATING for Lent?????

Hmmmmmm?? Something to ponder!!


Friday, February 24, 2006


Count Down to LENT!!!

My last post I was jumping up and down because I could sneek off and do some web stuffs on my clandestine phone line at work instead of going through the main computer with all the WEBSENSE BLOCKS!!

Since that last post, me and the Boss went to the chillun's happy b-day parties and it was pretty cool to see the D-Man's house filled up with the lilly things running around and watching his buddies( parents of said lilly things) go through the stress and "JOY" of parenting whilst I just sat back and watched over an emptying can of BUD. To be repeated multi-times!!! Yowser yowser yowser.


I think it's funny to watch other people get older!! Quinn with Heather and the joys of raising a girl!! ( In a few years he'll be out there chasing the paper-boy away from the house thinking he has "other" ideas!!), Eddie, Todd and Tom having the joy of saying "YES DEAR!!!" for no apparent reason other than just HABIT!! Even reading about my Lilly with her lilly and the joys of parenting just makes me smile.

Oh yeah, and want to have a beer.

The other night around 8:30 PM I received a call about healthcare in the State of NJ.

WOW.. this dude was asking me all kinds of questions about health care.. Do I go to the doctors? NO! Am I on medication? NO! Do I go to the dentist? NO! How often do I eat fruit? Twice a year!? Do I eat vegetables? NO! MEAT AND POTATOES THAT'S IT!! Do I think people should get antibiotics for colds? NO! Unless you got green and yellow snots dripping from your head!! Did I get flu shots? NO! Did a doctor ever tell me I have diabetes? NO! How is my mental health? GREAT! How is my physical health? GREAT! Do I exercise? NO but sometimes walk to the bar! Do I drink? YES! All kinds of crazy questions and the dude finally hung up wondering why I'm still alive!!

It didn't bother me to answer these questions because it was a crappy night for TV programming anyway!! What does 160 over 110 mean? I got one of those blood pressure machines you hook up to your arm and I was wondering why I was getting a headache every so often. MAYBE I SHOULD CUT DOWN ON THE SALT????? HMmmmmm????

Lay off beer for two days, drink wine instead or vodka and water with a splash of cranberry juice( for the kidneys!!)

Well anyway, MAN-KAI(Son of Dan) is blogging again and WEEBL & BOB are still rocking the world!!


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Surprise

La-Dee-Da !!!!

Eyes feel like singing!!!

Last week I got zapped on the superlink.net stuffs because the boss wasn't paying the company and being a "THRIFTY" dude that he is, didn't want to spend spit on anything, but anyway...

long story short... since nobody was paying, they( superlink) cut us off. So ends my danc@superlink etc but anyway,

the BIG GUY likes the short e-mail address of apk etc instead of a long county e-mail address with all the dot gov crap involved so the BIG GUY says .. "HEY" I want my superlink or something and good golly miss molly, I can now sign on to the web with my clandestine phone line to read blogs of Capt. Bee and Daily Slacker and Quinn and Boneman Jr. and the CZE-stuffs from South and AYERD comes on all systems so I guess I can still watch my Yahoo Fantasy Racing and be able to post various messages etc etc etc.


SEEEEEEE!!! I told you I feel like singing.

Oh yeah, Happy V-Day peoples.!!


Tuesday, February 07, 2006


It's Febutary already!!

I've been awake at work now all year!!!


I gotsta hit that lottery!!!

First stop after cashing in the winning ticket.....


I want to sit in the sun and take a nap!!

I wanna be served by the pool.

I want a suntan!! I gotta get rid of these winter "itchies".

Damn, my skin is dry.

Oh, I think I need a haircut too!


This is not a self pity blog, I just want to bitch a little...

thas all!!


Sure is a hell of a lot better than being DEAD!!!

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