Monday, June 27, 2005

I'm NOT a Millionaire

Oh well, back to work.

The Boss is a lot stronger than I thought.

The Kid and the Lilly kid was planning on coming up from Carolina and the Boss didn't know about it.

I thought it would be a HAPPY surprise after a tough year in the teaching trenches for the Boss.

But anyway, thinking that this would really be a shocker, maybe I should get a Lloyd's of London policy in case of a " ELIZABETH... THIS IS THE BIG ONE!!!"

Hey, I don't want to see her go, but I WAS a boy scout and "BE PREPARED" still sticks in my mind, so .... what the hell.. a little short term policy ( 48 hours ) and maybe financial freedom!

Okay, I SUCK!!

Well anyway, the kid shows up with the lilly kid and all that happened was a SUPER BIG SMILE. ( Like some kind of Happiness trip!!)

Good thing I didn't spend any money on the policy 'cause it would have been a waste of money!!

Oh yeah, did I ever mention that I love my wife?

I really do!!

It's good to see the "lilly's" and do all that stupid Granpa stuffs ---

goo-goo wah-wah etc.


Friday, June 10, 2005


Good grief Charlie Brown, I'm a junky!!

I just realized that I am HOOKED on Nestle's Hazelnut flavored Coffee-Mate Powder.

I stopped drinking milk some years ago because it curdled in my stomach when I drank beer.

I needed that little edge to get my coffee down. Maybe my life wasn't ( isn't, won't be) as stressed as the BONEMAN's 'cause he drinks coffee straight out of the pot NINE DAYS OLD, just like the Boss at home ( Now SHE'S got a lot of stress going on because of me.. heh-heh-heh-heh!!!)

Well anyway, I buy the stuffs in large quantities so I always have a supply on hand.

Okay okay okay here it is.. I go to my local Shop-Rite to load up and I discover that the 15oz(425g) is NOT ON THE SHELF!!!


Where's my STUFFS?????

The only hazelnut powder on the shelf was a 7 oz size but the price seemed high so I walked away.

The regular Original Coffee-Mate was in POUND cans, Gallon Jars, almost wheelbarrows!!..

But No 15oz hazelnut, or any other flavor in that size.

You're about to say, BIG DEAL!!

It is a BIG DEAL.

The empty containers are handy little jugs for storing various items and can also be used as bowling pins when you take the label off.

My favorite use is to use it as a SUGAR dispenser. Some sugar dispensers are glass with the chrome lid with the little "POUR DOOR" just like the diners have, but if you leave them in your pantry, moisture does get into the container and you always get a little sugar build-up blockage.

When you need your sugar fix, you don't want to waste time, you want your white stuff pouring like the Niagara Falls!!

The Coffee-Mate container is plastic and has a snap close lid ( to keep moisture out and contents in).

SOOOOOOO... if you have a 15oz container of Coffee-Mate Powder, hang on to the sucker..


Maybe people should write to Nestle and say " SUPER SIZE ME !!!! "


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

What me worry???

Alfred E. Newman is totally correct.

All I'm hearing these days are the chilluns' woeing 'bout their chilluns.

The lilly lilly kid done got a bum bum.

The Bone's brood got the fever.

The Boss is worried about the chillun's chillun.

The Big Guy is in Vegas.

The Mets are winning games, the Yanks are loosing games.!!!!

The County is rolling along singin' song, side by side!!!

That should make some people happy, so gooney goo gus!

I'M HAPPY !!! It's like drinking Old Milwaukee beer. "IT DON"T GET ANY BETTER!!"


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bye-Bye in the Car

Well, Hot Damn!!

I made it there and back, 11 hours each way, without :
A) Killing my wife
B) My wife killing me
C) Getting into an accident
D) Getting a ticket
E) Not having the car breakdown
F) Not having to make an emergency "PIT" stop

I mean, come on.. I had the Boss in car for so long and she didn't go TOTALLY beserk!

Oh yeah, she did have her moments of SUPER ANXIETY, but

Gooney goo GUS!! We got there and we made it back!!

The trip wasn't that bad because it was new and it was like a "little adventure"

" POLACK GOES SOUTH!!" Wow, I wonder if they'll get Russell Crowe to play me and maybe some hot chick to play the Boss???

I doubt it!!! I don't think Russell Crowe wears glasses!! Oh well !!

It's getting close to lunch and now I have to think of what I'll have. Damn, I hate this pressure!!

( only kidding!!)


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