Thursday, February 24, 2011

The BIG GUY is smiling

Went to the Doctor yesterday for the results of my stress test.

Good ol' "SAWBONES" said, "HEY JOHNNY!"

That was good enough for me.

The Boss heard the doctor say that the blockage that they put a little hole through back in January , must have gotten a little bigger ( maybe the rust inhibitors I'm taking? ) but the blood vessels AFTER the blockage are getting a goodly amount of blood because the ol' ticker is pumping like a champ so everything looks good.

I got the green light to do stuffs again EXCEPT shovel snow. ( REASON = Cold air constricts blood vessels and the strain of shovelling could cause coronary problems.. DUH! )

So.. next on the list is a 10 hour drive SOUFF!!

Oh yeah, Did I wish everybody a HAPPY BIRTHDAY?


Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Well boys and girls, I just got back from the hospital for having a stent put in my heart.

Last November(2010), the doctors put one stent in to clear a blockage. COOL!! Keep my heart working.... YAY TEAM!!

They wanted to do another stent to clear another blockage but could not break through the blockage to insert a stent. The wise ol' docs said wait a few weeks and we'll try again.

Well try again was scheduled for 1/3/11 to clear that blockage. They got me on the table but could not clear the previous blockage ( it didn't heal right??) so they put a stent in for a different blockage.

Now I have two stents letting blood flow in and around the ol' ticker and the old blockage is still there but MR. THUMP-THUMP grew or sprouted some other ways for the blood to flow so the docs are not that worried about the blockage for now.

They want to give me another stress test in six months and check out the blockage that they didn't fix yet.

HEY!! I'm still breathing !! and Martha Stewart will say..



Oh yeah, thanks for all the prayers and well wishes from out there in PORQLAND

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brand New Day

Thursday, November 18, 2010.

I didn't do any blogging for a long time. The reason was I was eating pizza, drinking beer, putting salt on my food and chewing cheesesteaks like movie popcorn.

Maybe I overdid it a little? I dunno??

Had some fun over the summer when we went down South. I had three delicious pieces of BOJANGLES chicken breast and then had pulled pork sandwiches for supper that were BBQ'd just right.

At two o'clock in the morning, somebody hit me in the chest with a fire ax then started to jump on the handle. That's what it felt like. I said, "OUCH!" During these pain spasms I noticed that my left arm didn't hurt so I didn't call ELIZABETH like Fred Sandford and Manned It Out.

Very early in the morning ( before anyone was up) I slipped into the kitchen and downed a couple of aspirins to thin my blood just in case!!

A few weeks later I told my doctor about this episode of "heartburn" and low and behold, I was sent for stress tests and all kinds of testing.

Because of my "poor" diet ( How can a diet be poor if its only RICH food??), I was diagnosed as a diabetic and I have blockages in the ol' ticker bone. One trip to the hospital opened one of the blockages and a stent was put in. COOL, let the blood flow! I came home today from another procedure that unblocked another TOTAL BLOCKAGE in the ol' ( as Fred would say..) achy breaky.

So right now I'm sitting home with holes in my arms from IV's and groin area from the wire hanger they used to punch out some of the blockage. I gotsta go back in a few weeks for more stuffs so until then ..

I AM GONNA TRY TO STAY ALIVE and not be stubborn like some other Polish person and live beyond my 66th birthday.

OH.. Thanks to everybody for the phone calls, cards, and well wishes. I didn't know I owed that
many people money! ??

Love all of ya!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time To Talk, or at least Say Something !!

Yeah, yeah yeah!! I didn't post in a while.

Maybe I was busy??

Well anyway, the basement has new walls(sheetrock) and ceiling(sheetrock) and a brandy-new door to go outside. I put one coat of primer all around and the plaster guy came around to fix some blemishes and I'm getting ready for the second primer coat, then the final coat.

After this is done, the boss is gonna get her sink, stove and I'm gonna get a freezer for pierogi storage.

The construction in the basement was very colorful from the workers constantly hitting their heads on the steel beam. Of course the colors were various shades of blue language, but I can't blame 'em... I hit my head down there too!!

All new recessed lights and I even ran a hard wire to the router in the den for my PC in the basement. We also switched security systems and the new system reported it to the Boro ( new ordinance that all security systems had to be registered with the Police Dept.) and of course the boro collected a fee for the inspection of this system ( which the new provider paid for!! ) I PASSED!!

So we are back from the Land of Mouse and basically all systems are go to get stuffs done. ( Knowing the way I operate, it'll be around JULY and I'm not saying which year when I get done!!)

Maybe I'll be done for the 20th anniversary of the fire!!

KofC stuffs is the same and football stuffs is over .... for now? Next year ??

The Boss' retirement makes going on vacations a pleasure 'cause we can go anytime( she don't have the CATHOLIC SCHOOL GUILT hanging over her head anymore).

NASCAR racing season started and I'm doing my "GO FAST, TURN LEFT" stuffs.

Hooray for Jonathan Vilma #51 New Orleans Saints Superbowl Champs.

He got bounced from the Jets when they hired a new coach a few years ago and now he has a SUPERBOWL RING!!!

The grandkids are getting bigger and smarter. God bless 'em all.

I'll be back soon!!


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Getting Old

WOW!! It's been a month since I posted last and about getting old.....

Took the boss to SS and signed her up for benefits. To make up the difference in monthly checks between now and age 66, she would have to live until she's almost 90, so HEY!! "TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN." Thank you Steve Miller.

Still doin' the county stuffs, KofC stuffs, SDO stuffs and getting ready for football stuffs.

BIG NEWS!! The cellar is getting cleaned!! We hired a mover to pack all the "VALUABLE STUFFS" and the cellar is filled with BOXES. That's plural.. not one bock, but boxes!!

I got a storage space on hold for me so all I have to do is move the STUFFS out to storage so the basement can be finished.

It's only been since 92..( FIRE) .. I didn't want to rush into a project.

Spent some time with all the lilly kids watching them function. It was fun to see how cool each one is. 10, 8, 6, soon to be 5, and around Thanksgiving to be 4.

The kids remind me of a CHICAGO song..." MAKE ME SMILE!" and of course the BOSS is super happy doing her "GRANNY" Stuffs wif the chilluns.

OH YEAH!! News Flash, the Ca-doo is NOT under warrantee (50,000+ miles) anymore ..BUT my cost per mile to own and operate said vehicle is under a dollar and getting lower.


Friday, July 03, 2009


Well, the war is over and I guess I wasn't talking 'cause I didn't sink any ships


I didn't have anything to talk about.

Another series of lottery drawings had come and gone and Johnny Bupalini's Hot Dog stand does NOT exist.

I was even thinking about a gin mill with the name "PRIVATE PROPERTY" so I can tell people to leave if I don't want them there and if I want to have a "CIGAR NIGHT", I won't have a group of people saying "NO SMOKING IN A PUBLIC PLACE" stuffs.

It's amazing what money can buy in the good ol' USA!!!

NEWS FLASH..... Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson are still DEAD!! Oh yeah, does anybody really care??

I am officially starting the count down to retirement. I may never make it but at least I have something to shoot for. 2011, 2012?? I dunno!

Don't know what's happening with the football season because of budget cuts.


I might have to rake leaves this year!!


Sunday, May 10, 2009


ya gotta have a membership card to get inside.

Yep! I was thinking about that song, especially the part where he makes up his own sign and says, "Thank you Lord, I'm doing fine!!!"

Same ol' same ol'.

The Boss is doing her thing with her Mother (92, and starting to shows signs of aging!!).

Work is the same... I'm getting paid.

I'm not showing up at the Knights as often, so when I do go there I have a little extra stuffs to do.. it's some kind of trade-off??

Getting ready for FOOTBALL 2009!!

AND... just slowing down 'cause I am getting old.

Going down SOUFF and I just can't wait to be in the traffic for the ALL-Star race and the Mem day race the following week. That means they'll all be down there for two weeks with their gun racks, hound dogs and pick-up trucks.

I better start practicing so.. Y'all take it easy for now while I go spit off my back deck. maybe put a sofa on my lawn??? HMMMMM????


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