Thursday, February 24, 2011

The BIG GUY is smiling

Went to the Doctor yesterday for the results of my stress test.

Good ol' "SAWBONES" said, "HEY JOHNNY!"

That was good enough for me.

The Boss heard the doctor say that the blockage that they put a little hole through back in January , must have gotten a little bigger ( maybe the rust inhibitors I'm taking? ) but the blood vessels AFTER the blockage are getting a goodly amount of blood because the ol' ticker is pumping like a champ so everything looks good.

I got the green light to do stuffs again EXCEPT shovel snow. ( REASON = Cold air constricts blood vessels and the strain of shovelling could cause coronary problems.. DUH! )

So.. next on the list is a 10 hour drive SOUFF!!

Oh yeah, Did I wish everybody a HAPPY BIRTHDAY?

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